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45L Ethanol Wash/Dry Centrifuge with Explosion Proof Motor and Controller

Industrial centrifuges are used to separating liquids from solids, and this style of centrifuge excels at alcohol extraction by forcefully separating the alcohol from the biomass

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Pump Repair & Rebuild Services

BVV provides pump repair and rebuild services for a variety of vacuum pumps including pro-series pumps, Edwards models, Master Vapor Pump models, Vacuubrand, and more.

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Detailed Instructions for Stainless Steel Reactor Ethanol Extraction

Detailed instructions on assembly, setup, and operating of the stainless steel reaction vessel. This guide assumes you are using the reactor for ethanol extraction.

Best Value Vacs' Resolutions For 2018

The impending new year has us all thinking about resolutions. Resolutions often prompt us to take steps towards self-improvement. It’s the same with our business. We consider what happened, what we did well, what could’ve gone better, and improvements we can make for the coming year. All of these steps help us create tangible goals for our operations.

Your Ultimate Guide To Vacuum Chambers

Best Value Vacs is your vacuum chamber headquarters. We are an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of vacuum chambers. These chambers are used to create an airtight, isolated environment for performing purging, degassing, infusion and more. To give you an idea of all we have to offer, here’s a visual representation of our vacuum chamber options.

How To Choose The Right Vacuum Pump

It’s common to be overwhelmed with indecision when presented with a bevy of options. You can get caught up in the details and feel too uninformed to make the right call in the moment. It happens to all of us. At Best Value Vacs, we often hear it from our customers in relation to our vacuum pumps: “Will someone just cut to the chase and tell me what the best choice is for me?” Yes, we will.