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  • KF O-ring Unclassified BVV

    KF O-ring

     KF O-ring O-ring features a depth stop for clamping with Viton O-ring also fits the following high vacuum connections. NW16 NW25 NW40 NW50

    $5.00 - $6.00

  • KF Clamps Shop All Categories BVV KF-16

    KF Clamps

    KF Clamps Clamp for standard High Vacuum flanges. Size Available: KF-16 KF-25 KF-40 KF-50    

  • KF Solid End Caps Shop All Categories BVV

    KF Solid End Caps

    KF Solid End Caps This is a solid KF Endcap to cap of any size port when needed  Size Available: NW16 NW25 NW40 NW50

    $9.00 - $12.00

  • KF-25 Flange Kit Shop All Categories BVV

    KF-25 Flange Kit

    Complete KF-25 Flange Kit     The Complete Kit for KF-25 Vacuum Fittings. Connect your flange to a pipe with this complete kit from BVV™. It includes Clamp, O-ring, and Flange

  • KF Flange x FNPT Adapter Shop All Categories BVV 1/2" KF-16

    KF Flange x FNPT Adapter

    KF Flange x FNPT Adapter   KF- or NW Vacuum fittings are designed for Ultra-High-Vacuum applications and are made out of 304 stainless steel. These fittings require a special gasket with metal centering ring to not allow over compression of the gasket. These fittings have female NPT threads that come in a variety of sizes, Female NPT threading which require thread sealant if they are installed to another NPT adapted fitting.

    $22.00 - $35.00