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  • BVV Celite® 545 Diatomaceous Earth (Food Codex Grade)  BVV

    BVV™ Celite® 545 Diatomaceous Earth (Food Codex Grade) 4.5 Micron

    Celite® 545 Food Codex Chemicals Grade Filters down to 4.5 microns BVV™'s Celite 545 grade is Food Codex Grade and is approved for use as a filtering and processing aid in the Food Industry & is Made in the USA. Celite 545 is a formulation of Diatomaceous Earth that is used as a filtration aid for the pre-processing of distillate. Diatomaceous earth is considered skeletal remains of single-celled algae/diatoms formed due to sedimentary deposits. This filtration aid is used in laboratory settings and is a surface-active filtration agent that causes abrasion and the adsorption of other materials such as plant lipids. Celite 545 or Diatomaceous Earth is also an effective, safe alternative to chemical pesticides. This ultra-fine powder should be used with the proper safety equipment and should not be inhaled due to the risk of causing respiratory damage.  pH: 10 (10% in Water) 90Kg Size sold at 4x 50lb bags on a Mini-Pallet* Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet Certificate of Analysis     Note:  Bulk Bags and Bulk sizes are non-stocked items and will be ordered as needed and carry a several weeks lead time and require a forklift or pallet jack

    $20.00 - $195.00

  • CELPURE® P1000 New Products BVV

    CELPURE® C1000 meets USP/NF & GMP testing specifications

    CELPURE® C1000 High Purity Grade diatomite filter aids for the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, high purity chemical, and specialty beverage industries. Meets all USP/NF & GMP testing specifications.  Manufactured in a stand-alone, FDA registered plant in California. CELPURE C1000 COA CELPURE C1000 SDS Product Data Sheet: Celpure® Comparison to Conventional Diatomite Celpure Advantages: Reduced overall bath processing time versus conventional filter aid. Optimum clarity at higher flow rates Substantial reduction in extractables (i.e. aluminum, iron, etc.) in final product vs. conventional filter aid. Overall improvement in process economics Convenient packaging/ease of use. Lower usage rates and cake-disposal cost vs. conventional filter aid

    $34.00 - $340.00

  • Celatom FW-50 Diatomaceous Earth 1.85 micron *Compare to Celite 545 Shop All Categories BVV

    Celatom FW-50 Diatomaceous Earth 1.85 micron (Compares to Celite 545)

    Celatom® FW-50 Food Codex Grade, Compare to Celite® 545 Filters particles down to 1.85 micron This filter aid is a white flux calcined diatomaceous earth.  It has a fast speed filtration rating.  Its applications   At BVV we like to use Celatom FW-50 for CBD de-fat filtration in any of our Refinement Filters.  Above our paper filter, we build a 1/4"-1/2" bed of media that we use to clarify and separate winterized waxes out of our ethanol from the winterization process.  We prefer this over just the filter paper because it results in less clogging and more run time.  Some other applications are wort beer, antibiotics, casein, pressed juices, lacquers, polymers, syrups, sorghum, varnish, water, corn gluten, citric juices, chemicals, resins, enzymes, enamels, kelp, plastics, shellacs, and corn syrup to name a few.     Celatom FW-50 Technical Data Sheet  Celatom FW-50 Food Grade Information  Celatom FW-50 Safety Data Sheet

    $17.00 - $129.00


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