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  • Sale -5% Active Eye Universal Phone Microscope, 60x, w/clamp Active Eye

    Active Eye - Universal Phone Microscope, 60x, w/clamp

      The Active Eye Universal Mobile Phone Microscope is a compact, lightweight 60x microscope that can be clipped onto smartphones and mobile phones that are equipped with a camera. It is used for viewing very small objects and areas. The clip can also be unscrewed from the focusing barrel and lens so that the microscope can be used independently of a mobile phone if necessary. Features Ideal magnification for pest and disease detection Includes: 60x microscope, UV and LED light and three LR1130 batteries


  • Sale -16% Active Eye - Microscope

    Active Eye - Microscope

    The Active Eye line of microscopes uses super-bright LED bulbs to illuminate your specimens. Ideal for identifying strains of plants, cutting work, pests, and disease detection, with no eye strain. Features Provides targeted, optimal illumination Compact, lightweight design Includes batteries and case Includes tri-lingual color chart/user guide 


  • Sale -1% Active Eye Green LED Worklight/Flashlight Active Eye

    Active Eye Green LED Worklight/Flashlight

    The Active Eye Rechargeable Green LED Worklight/Flashlight is designed to be used during dark cycles without interrupting your desired photoperiod.  It can be mounted via the onboard magnets or hanging hook, and the base tilts for additional angles.  The 3 watt flashlight feature is located on one end and has a focused beam.  The face-mounted 5 watt worklight feature is much brighter, so you can view a larger area of you garden. Features: Green LEDs won’t interrupt dark cycles Strong Swivel Hook and base magnets Up to 4 hours of use on a single charge


  • Sale -0.5% Active Eye Lighted Loupe, 30x Active Eye

    Active Eye - Lighted Loupe, 30x

    Easily identify pests, disease, or plant species to target fast solutions Get targeted, optimal illumination with the Active Eye loupe. The loupe works by the light of an intensely bright LED bulb, giving you 30x magnification without eye strain. Features: Compact and lightweight design Includes batteries and case Includes trilingual color chart/user guide


  • Sale -21% Root Cleaner

    Root Cleaner

    Created by Growers, for Growers. Root Cleaner concentrate eliminates soil borne pests and pathogens, naturally—no respirators, gloves, or suiting up required. While Green Cleaner treats the foliage above ground, Root Cleaner takes care of the problems in the soil and root zone. It treats the issue of pest control in a safe and consumer conscious manner. Best of all, it solves the issue of "immunity" by killing eggs and preventing pests from becoming resistant to it. Root Cleaner kills fungus gnats and their larvae, pythium and rhizoctonia, root rot and root damping-off, thrips, nematodes, root aphids, and more. For use in soil and coco. Use from start up to the day of harvest. Features: All Natural Concentrated  Pests can’t build immunity to it No gloves, respirator, or suiting up required Kills pests and their eggs! No "product stacking" required Use from Start to Harvest


  • Sale -24% Lost Coast Plant Therapy - Plant Therapy Hydroponic Center Lost Coast Plant Therapy 12 OZ Case of 16

    Lost Coast Plant Therapy - Plant Therapy

    LOST COAST PLANT THERAPY KILLS SOFT BODY INSECTS, THEIR LARVAE AND EGGS, POWDERY MILDEW, MOLD AND FUNGUS ON CONTACT WITHOUT USING POISON!After saturation of entire plant, our spray will adhere to the target insect, egg case or larvae. It's active ingredients then cause disruption of respiration and digestion. It also penetrates to dehydrate their entire body. Insects can never become immune to this product because they can't get immune to suffocation or dehydration.Lost Coast Plant Therapy was designed to suffocate and dehydrate on contact. That is why it is important to thoroughly saturate your infested plants. If the product does not contact the insect it can't suffocate or dehydrate it.Our unique formula does not stress the plant and will not damage flowers, fruits or vegetables as long as it is applied under proper lighting  and low heat conditions.Lost Coat Plant Therapy has been laboratory tested by CW Analytical (among others) and found to leave no residue; this means it is safe for your soil, food and ornamental plants, pets and people. With proper application our product can be used on the day of harvest. Tests clean. Clean ingredients means clean test results. Passes strict lab parts per billion testing.  Safe to apply daily and will not interfere with plant development. Safe to apply on day of harvest and as often as required throughout growth.  Safe for food and medicinal plants. Biodegradable. PBA Free or HDPE grade bottles. Lost Coast Plant Therapy is not registered with the E.P.A. since it qualifies for exemption under FIFRA section 25 (B) as a minimum risk pesticide.


  • BioSafe AzaGuard

    BioSafe AzaGuard

    AzaGuard is a 3% Azadirachtin formulated Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that offers broad spectrum insecticidal control on over 300 insect species. AzaGuard prevents molting between larval, pupal and nymphal stages reducing insect infestations in and around the facility. AzaGuard’s natural botanical formula meets all of the requirements of the National Organic Program (NOP), and is an important tool in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and sustainable disease control programs. AzaGuard’s primary active ingredient is a highly concentrated 3% Azadirachtin formulation. Azadirachtin, a chemical compound belonging to the liminoid group, is formulated through an extraction process of the neem tree, mainly from the seeds that yield the purest form of the neem extract. AzaGuard’s raw neem oil extract is then put through a complex biosynthesis to create a concentrated, high-grade Azadirachtin formula that yields a higher percentage of critical limonoid components including nimbin, nimbidinin, and salannin.AzaGuard is most commonly applied in a foliar insecticide program and can be rotated and/or tank-mixed with other synthetic and botanical insecticides. For soil applications AzaGuard can be drenched into the soil profile, as well as chemigated directly through drip irrigation systems to control various sub-terranean root herbivores. AzaGuard is labeled to be applied through high and low volume sprayers, fogging applications, aerial applicators, and chemigated through various irrigation systems.


  • Sale -5% Flying Skull Nuke Em

    Flying Skull Nuke Em

    Nuke Em: Listed Organic by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute)  Kills Spider mites, Leaf Aphids, Whitefly and more Kills eggs, larvae, juvenile and adult insects Reduces Powdery Mildew  Is concentrated and economical Is approved for use on the day of harvest Is safe around people and pets when used as directed Doesn’t alter the taste or smell of growing crops or finished produce Doesn’t lower the value of produce Doesn’t slow photosynthesis by reducing light to photon cells on leaves as oil pesticides can Doesn’t slow photosynthesis from residue clogging the leaf stomata as oil pesticides can Doesn’t contain high concentrations of oils Doesn’t contain chemical surfactants Doesn’t contain petroleum or Pyrethrin’s Doesn’t smell bad Doesn’t make leaves, stems, and flowers sticky like oil pesticides can The Organic pesticide Nuke Em® has been introduced to the indoor/outdoor gardening community by Flying Skull Plant Products. This multi-purpose Organic insecticide & fungicide is listed for Organic use by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute). It kills the eggs, larvae, juvenile and adult insects. Nuke Em targets all species of Mites, Leaf Aphids, Whitefly and other plant leaf and soil insect parasites. Its unique formula also allows for outstanding control of the vast varieties of powdery mildew and mold found in the garden. Nuke Em is different than oil-based pesticides (oil-based pesticides have oil as their active ingredient). Nuke Em will not slow the plant's growth like oil-based pesticides can. Also, Nuke Em will not significantly lower the light coming into leaf cells and it will not significantly obstruct air from going into and out of the leaf’s stomata as oil-based pesticides can. Nuke Em has killing power while allowing the plant to thrive while going through treatment. Nuke Em is the correct choice.


  • Sale -3% Seabright Laboratories Whitefly Traps, 5 pack Seabright Laboratories

    Seabright Laboratories Whitefly Traps, 5 pack

    Put up a strong line of defense with Whitmire's whitefly traps. These bright yellow sticky traps come with a wire twist so you can hang them directly on a plant or branch - without any damage. The long-lasting, weatherproof traps will attract attract whiteflies along with a broad spectrum of other flying insects, including aphids, thrips, leafhoppers, leafminers, and moths.  Long-lasting, weatherproof traps Hang directly on the plant without any damage Attracts all kinds of flying insects and pests


  • Sale -1% Doktor Doom total Release Fogger Hydroponic Center Doktor Doom 3 oz