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B2B Partner Benefits

Since 2012, BVV has been committed o becoming the leading provider or all of your processing needs. BVV is your premier B2B partner that can help you take your business to the next level.

  • 10,000+ Products always in stock
  • NET 30 Terms available and financing options
  • Unlimited purchase support for you and your customers.
  • Private & White labeling available
  • Discounts up to 30% on select products

    What happens next?

    Your application will be sent to our sales manager for review. Your account discounts will be enabled once you are approved. One of our sales team members will be appointed as your account manager and they will reach out to you for any questions you may have. To login to see your discounts, you will login to "My Account" prices will display with discounted rates for each particular item.


    • Angel Cruz

      Account Manager

    • Dan Lulay

      Account Manager

    • Grant Hennet

      Account Manager

    • Nina Black

      Account Manager


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