Order Processing

Most standard orders take up to 1 business day from placing the order to be processed, fulfilled, and shipped. This refers to orders that contain items that do not require building/testing, are in stock at BVV, and ship via a small package shipping method.

Any order that qualifies to ship via freight LTL/FTL and/or has a product that requires building/testing, may carry an additional 1-2 business day lead time.

Orders that contain custom-ordered or backorder products, special builds, or drop-ship items, will have an extended processing time, and the 1-3 business day window will not apply.

The 1-3 business day order processing window includes orders that have an expedited shipping method chosen at checkout.

Updates and/or Modifications To Orders:

Due to a high order volume, customers are given a 2-hour window (from when the order was placed) to request any changes to their order or request a cancellation/refund before the order is fully processed and shipped.

This includes orders placed after business hours and/or during a weekend or holiday.

Order change/modification requests may be made via phone call or the BVV online chat (during normal business hours), or anytime through email (support@shopbvv.com).

Examples of order change/modification requests: adding an item, removing an item, switching an item, updating the delivery address, updating the shipping method, and/or cancelling the order entirely. After the 2-hour window has expired, no further changes will be permitted.

Any unwanted or unneeded items on the order can be returned via a standard return ticket (contact BVV sales to submit a return request for the order)

Expedited Shipping Order Processing Time:

Choosing an expedited shipping method for an order will not change the order processing time (1-3 business days).

Orders will be shipped using the expedited shipping method once the order has been processed within the standard processing window.

Expedited shipping does not equal a quicker order processing time.

Shipping Hours:

BVV’s shipping hours are Monday-Friday 9 am to 2 pm CST.

BVV™ Shipping Guidelines

If an order qualifies/is shipped using "free shipping", BVV will ship the customer's order using the carrier of BVV's choice; if a specific shipping carrier is needed, the customer will need to contact BVV before the order has been shipped/has a tracking number (payment may be required if a specific carrier is requested). BVV will ship all "free shipping" ground orders using either USPS, UPS Ground, or FedEx Ground (at their discretion).

If the shipping method chosen at the checkout by the customer is incorrect and/or is not available for the customer's items or location, BVV will contact the customer to inform them of the change in method/carrier and/or request additional shipping funds to cover the updated shipping method.

USPS Priority Mail is not a guaranteed service and is not considered an 'expedited' method!

If expedited shipping is needed for an order, then UPS and/or FedEx options must be chosen at checkout (Next Day Air/Overnight, 3-Day, 2-Day).

BVV will not issue any refunds or replacements for orders that are shipped using USPS that incur a delay in transit.

Tracking numbers may take up to 24 hours to show an origin scan/movement once the order has been marked as shipped.

Any shipment that is sent to a carrier storefront location and is refused (sent back to BVV) for any reason will follow the standard UDI shipment policy refund guidelines.

If a shipment is sent to a carrier storefront location and is lost/stolen/damaged/misplaced or refused by the location, no refunds or replacements will be issued. Standard UDI shipment policies will apply. The customer accepts all responsibility and liability for the shipment once it leaves BVV's warehouse if an order is being shipped to any type of storefront location (i.e. UPS Store, FedEx Center, DHL, Post Office, Walgreens, Pack & Ship, etc.)

If an order is shipping to a UPS Store, FedEx Center, Post Office, etc., BVV strongly recommends that the name of the store, and the intended receiver, be included in the shipping address and that the customer receives pre-approval from the storefront location for the package to be shipped there. Also, the customer should request a signature confirmation upon delivery before the order is processed/paid for (contact BVV for assistance in ensuring a signature is required for the delivery before checking out online).

Shipment Reroute(s)

An order that is placed with incorrect shipping information that requires an address change (once the shipment is in transit) will incur a reroute fee by the carrier.

This fee can vary based on the distance between the originally stated shipping address and the updated shipping address.

BVV will not process the shipment reroute until the above fee(s) are paid in full by the customer.

Lost Shipment(s)

If incorrect shipping information is provided by the customer and this is the reason for a shipment(s) becoming lost in transit or delivered incorrectly by the carrier, then BVV™ is not responsible for issuing any compensation or replacements for the lost or incorrectly delivered shipment(s).

Any shipment that is stated as 'missing' but shown as delivered by the carrier, must be reported to BVV™ within 7 days from the delivery date confirmation.

If a shipment is marked as delivered but is missing, a shipping claim will be opened by BVV or the 3rd party supplier and the claim will be investigated. No replacements or compensation will be issued for the lost shipment until the claim has been approved or resolved with the carrier.

If the lost shipment is found within the carrier's network, it will be delivered to the original receiver/delivery address.

If the lost shipment is not found but the carrier approves the lost/missing shipment claim, then BVV will either reship the order free of charge or issue a refund to the customer for the order.

If the carrier claim is not approved/denied and the order is still needed, the customer must repurchase the items at their expense.

If at checkout, the USPS shipping option is selected, and the shipment gets lost in transit or is damaged; the customer is responsible for filing a claim with USPS. USPS may take up to 180+ days to complete the investigation.

Returned To Sender (Undeliverable "UDI") Shipments

If an order is returned to BVV by the shipping carrier, then BVV will automatically process the returned shipment and issue a refund to the customer's original payment method less any applicable fees.

Orders that are refused, cancelled, or returned to the sender for any reason will have the return shipping charges and a 15% standard restocking fee deducted from any applicable refund.

Return to sender shipment reasons (including but not limited to):

  • Incorrect, incomplete, and/or insufficient address
  • Receiver not available and/or receiver did not pick up the package within the allotted time frame
  • Receiver did not provide documentation/clearance required for international shipments
  • Receiver refused the delivery/shipment or cancelled the order after it was shipped by BVV
  • Receiver did not pay for the international duties, taxes, and/or brokerage fees in order for the country's customs to release the shipment
  • Receiver cancelled the order due to the delivery location being in a rural service area (resulting in a delay) and declining to wait for the delivery to take place
  • Hazardous material is not permitted at the provided delivery destination and the shipment is rejected by the carrier/country/state

If the customer is still interested in receiving the originally purchased items, a new order must be placed.

Original shipping charges and/or Hazmat Tariffs paid on the order are non-refundable.

If the return shipping costs/fees equal or exceed the cost of the returning items, then no refund or credit will be issued for the returned/UDI shipment.

Orders Containing Ethanol

All orders that contain Ethanol and/or Ethyl Alcohol 70% will require an age/ID verification to be submitted via AgeChecker on the website and/or through email post-purchase.

If the required verification is not provided to BVV™ within 5 business days, the order will be cancelled and refunded in full.

Import Duties and Taxes

For international customers, it is the sole responsibility of the receiver to hold the required licenses (if applicable) and to pay the associated duties, taxes, and brokerage fees.

In the event the receiver refuses to pay these fees, the shipping carrier will return the package(s) to BVV™ at the receiver’s expense and BVV will refund the customer for the order less the return shipping, any fees, and the standard 15% restocking fee.

International Customers

Refusal to pay duties, taxes, and brokerage fees and/or not providing required import documentation will result in the package being returned to BVV™.

The original shipping, the return shipping charges, and a 15% restocking fee will be withheld from the customer’s refund.

Return shipping charges may equal or exceed the cost of the returning items, if this occurs, no refund or credit will be issued for the return/UDI shipment.

If the returning item is a hazardous material, the Hazmat Tariff will not be refunded.

*USPS International First-Class deliveries generally take between 7-21 days to arrive (not a guaranteed window). BVV™ will not offer any compensation for a shipment shipped with this method.

BVV is not responsible for shipments that are picked up by a shipping/freight forwarder and shipped overseas/internationally after being delivered to the order's original shipping address. If an order is lost, damaged, misdelivered, delayed, etc., then the customer may choose to file a claim with their shipping forwarder, but BVV will not file any claims on behalf of the customer or issue any replacements or compensation for the order. BVV is released of all liability for the order/shipment once the shipping forwarder takes possession of the shipment.

If there is damage to a shipment that is being sent overseas by a forwarder, BVV must be notified before the shipping forwarder takes possession of the shipment and sends the order overseas. If BVV is not notified of any damage/issues before the forwarder takes possession of the shipment, then it is the shipping forwarder or customer's responsibility to handle any shipping claims internally or purchase needed replacement items. BVV will not issue any refunds, credits, or replacements for any items in the order that are damaged, delayed, misdelivered, etc. once the shipping forwarder has the shipment.

Customers are responsible for knowing any importation restrictions for the item(s) being purchased/shipped to their chosen destination. If an item is discarded by the importing customs office due to a restriction, no compensation or replacements will be issued for the discarded/restricted item.

PO Box

To prevent shipping issues, any order shipping to an address that contains a PO box (or box) number, will be shipped using USPS regardless of the method that is chosen at checkout.

If the order cannot be sent via USPS, a request will be sent via email for a physical address for the shipment. If a physical address is not provided within 5 business days, the order will be cancelled and refunded in full.

Alcohols, lab chemicals, and hazardous materials cannot be shipped to a PO box

Signature Is REQUIRED for The Following:

  • Orders over $750.00 (or local currency equivalent, including shipping and tax) or more (at the discretion of BVV)
  • Alcohols or Lab Chemicals (Adult Signature over 21 years of age for Ethanol/Ethyl 70%)
  • Delivery to a business/company
  • Delivery to an address that is not within the Contiguous United States
  • Delivery to an apartment, suite, lot, room, and/or unit
  • All expedited orders (3 Day, Express Saver, 2 Day, or Next Day)

*If the customer chooses to use FedEx Delivery Manager®, UPS My Choice® or USPS Informed Delivery to waive/digitally provide a signature they are waiving BVV™ of any liability. BVV™ will not provide compensation for instances including but not limited to: damage, loss/theft, missing item(s), or mis-delivery of the package(s). 

In the event that the receiver isn’t available to sign for their shipment at the time of delivery and the package delivery is delayed, no compensation will be issued for the delay.

In the event that the package is returned to BVV due to the receiver not being available to sign/receive the package from the carrier, the standard return/UDI shipment guidelines will apply and the order will be refunded less the standard restock/shipping fees.

PayPal EChecks:

Payments made through PayPal eChecks to BVV™ may take up to 3-6 business days to clear the bank. Until then BVV™ will not process/ship the order. When using PayPal eChecks the customer acknowledges this time period for the check to clear.

If a customer cannot wait 3-6 business days for BVV™ to receive the eCheck, then the customer can cancel it by clicking ‘Cancel Payment’ under the transaction details.

*Expedited shipping methods do not affect the processing time for eChecks.

**These are the guidelines provided by PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/selfhelp/article/FAQ3265


BVV™ reserves the right to request further information for order payment verification.

BVV™’s verification software may take 1 business day to review the payment information, this will cause orders to be delayed regardless of the shipping method selected at checkout.

If the verification software shows discrepancies, BVV™ will require further information (alternative email, phone number etc.) from the purchaser.

Each inquiry for additional information can add an additional business day to order processing time.

In the event that the additional verification information is not accepted, BVV™ will require the Credit Card Authorization Form to be filled out via PandaDoc and emailed back with a copy of the ID of the purchaser (bill to) of the order.

BVV™ reserves the right to call any customer for order verification as BVV™ sees fit.

If the purchaser does not verify their order within 5 business days after initial contact from BVV™, the order will be canceled, and a full refund will be issued.

*Refunds may take up to 3-5 business days (depending on the financial institution).

These verification steps are necessary to prevent credit card fraud.

Carrier Disclaimers

BVV is not responsible for any package delay that occurs while in the carrier's network.

Potential package delay situations (including but not limited to): adverse weather conditions, uncontrollable circumstances, flight delays, sorting errors, equipment malfunction, derailing, or an "act of God".

Per UPS, the only 'guaranteed' shipping method is UPS Next Day Air (no other expedited methods are included in this guarantee).

All other expedited shipping methods (3-Day, 2-Day, Overnight), etc. are not considered 'guaranteed' and do not qualify for any compensation if the shipment is delayed. With the exception of UPS Next Day Air, no other expedited shipments will receive compensation if the delivery date becomes delayed from the original estimate.

Ground (non-expedited) shipments and USPS shipments are never considered 'guaranteed' and the actual date of delivery may not occur within the 'estimated' timeframe provided. No compensation will be issued for orders delivered via ground or USPS that were delayed in transit and/or not delivered within the estimated timeframe, with no exceptions.

Any of the above-listed situations can cause multiple-day delays on shipments regardless of the shipping method chosen at checkout.

All shipments have the potential to be delayed due to circumstances outside of BVV’s control and the high volume moving through the carrier networks. 

BVV will not issue any compensation for delays that occur to a non-guaranteed shipment while within the carrier's network.

Freight Orders

  • Items that are shipped via LTL (Less-than-Truckload) freight will be shipped by BVV™’s carrier of choice. 
  • All orders with a total weight over 100 lbs will ship via LTL Freight. 
  • If an order includes a freight ship-only item, all items on the order will ship via LTL freight. 
  • A valid phone number is required for any order that will be shipped via LTL freight. The carrier will call prior to delivery to confirm an appointment window. 
  • If the receiver misses their scheduled delivery appointment, they will be required to pay the redelivery fee before delivery is reattempted. No shipping cost refunds will be issued for delayed delivery due to a missed appointment window. 
  • If a receiver is not available and does not set up a delivery appointment with the carrier any storage fees that may accrue will be billed by the carrier to the receiver's address. BVV™ is not responsible for paying/compensation for these fees. 
  • If the receiver's address is deemed ‘rural’ the shipment may get handed off to a 3rd party carrier. This may cause delays; BVV will not refund any shipping charges due to ‘rural’ service point location delays.
  • If additional delivery services (i.e. liftgate, inside delivery, etc.) are requested after an order is shipped, the cost for the additional services will be required to be paid prior to BVV authorizing the request.

*Carriers may have a ‘Scheduled Delivery Date’ posted on the shipment tracking page. If the receiver has not confirmed an appointment time with the carrier (via phone call), this delivery date is an estimation of when the shipment should arrive at the delivering terminal and NOT when the carrier will deliver the shipment to the shipping address. BVV™ will not compensate for a 'delay' caused by a receiver not setting up an appointment window with the delivering carrier.

Hazardous Materials Shipping Policy

BVV™ ships hazardous materials in compliance with DOT CFR-49 regulations; solvents, alcohols, and lab chemicals will only be transported via ground shipping methods. 

BVV™ will not separate an order to honor an expedited shipping method (orders containing hazardous materials with other non-hazardous items will ship together).

BVV™ will not ship hazardous materials to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or any other US Territory outside of the contiguous 48 states.

Hazardous materials may only ship to Alaska or Hawaii via LTL freight; the shipment will be transported via barge to the receiving port. If an order contains both flammable gas and flammable liquid they will be shipped on separate pallets. The shipment may be received in 2 parts.

*If a freight forwarder or barge company will be used to transport the freight from the west coast to Alaska or Hawaii and it is not notated on the order causing a hazardous material conflict, the customer will be responsible for all acquired shipping charges for shipment adjustments.

All sales are final on items qualified as hazardous material: solvents, alcohols, and lab chemicals.


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