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Grow beyond your potential. 

Here at BVV University, we will simplify the complex process of extracting botanical compounds while utilizing the industry's leading methods of botanical extraction and post-processing, all at your own pace. 

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A vision beyond extraction SUPPLY

Extract Safely & Save More

BVV University was created to save our customers time, money and above all make sure they perform botanical extraction & refinement safely and efficiently.

BVV University is the culmination of BVV's collective knowledge over our decades-long experience, research, and development of our botanical extraction equipment. From serving hundreds of thousands of botanical extractors to developing our own extraction equipment, we pack our expertise into what we believe is the highest quality and comprehensive botanical extraction educational platform on the market. 

Botanical Extraction & Refinement Certification

If you're new to botanical extraction or looking to train new employees, start off on the right foot with BVV University! Our university suite is centered around our Botanical Extraction & Refinement Certification which was made in accordance with NFPA guidelines.

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What You’ll Learn at BVV University

BVV University covers theory and implementation, from extraction to crystallization, teaching you how to perform each process safely and efficiently. Beyond our botanical extraction & Refinement Certification, our micro-courses teach you the theory and implementation behind ethanol & hydrocarbon extraction, winterization & color remediation, rotary evaporation & vacuum Purging, Devolatilization & distillation, and evaporative & cooling crystallization.

At BVV University we are committed to going beyond for our students the same way we have always gone beyond for our customers. This is why along with our standard courses, we plan on regularly releasing new courses. Expanding our curriculum with additional exclusive content including advanced processing techniques PLUS featured content from our industry leading partners. 


We are committed to making education for extraction affordable and accessible to all! 

Exclusive Access

Exclusive discounted pricing to premier vendors only available to BVV University Students.

Deeper Discounts

Every active Student will receive a 15%* discount on all BVV Products.

Referral Program

Each Student will also receive an additional 5%* discount for every BVV University Student they refer.

 Just a $499 investment.

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Special Offer

As a special offer for the first 1000 students, upon passing the final exam with a grade of 85% or higher you will be awarded a certificate of completion and store credit of $200 which can be used at 

 Just a $499 investment.

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