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  • BVV Activated Charcoal Decolorizing T1 Shop All Categories BVV

    BVV™ Activated Hardwood Carbon Decolorizing T1 (100% Hardwood Charcoal)

    BVV™ Activated Carbon Decolorizing T1 100% Hardwood NSF 61 & UL Classified for food and Consumption Contact BVV™ Activated Carbon or Charcoal powder is some of the highest purity and quality activated charcoal on the market. Made in the USA, and 100% Hardwood. Activated charcoal can be used for several processes in the laboratory and can be most importantly used for the removal of color, unwanted chemical impurities, and unwanted flavors in the starting material resulting in a more refined purer end substance. Each bag includes a 5cc scoop inside. pH:7 NSF 61 Certified & UL Classified.  Guaranteed the product is free of harmful chemicals, and can be used in systems that humans come into contact consuming. Lot certificates can be available per request.    BVV™ Activated Carbon Technical Data Sheet BVV™ Activated Carbon Decolorizing T1 SDS     Note:  Super sack and Bulk sizes are non-stocked items and will be ordered as needed and carry a several weeks lead time and require a forklift or pallet jack  

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  • BVV Color Bleach T-41

    BVV™ Color Bleach for Edible Oils *FDA & NSF Certified Material (Compares to T-41™)

    BVV™ Color Bleaching Clay This product is similar to T-41, as it is an Acid Activated Bentonite Clay for Bleaching & Decolorizing Edible Oils. BVV™ Color Bleach is a filtration aid used in refining and increasing the purity and clarity of the final product. The BVV™ Clay Bleach is composed of a 10:1 ratio of Pure-Flo® Perform 6000 and BVV™ T-1 Hardwood Activated Carbon. This product is 100% made in the USA, and the components are FDA-GRAS and NSF Certified.   This bleaching clay not only improves the purity and clarity of the end product, it also improves the color and clarity. This is a strong acid-activated media and the acid will be critical in removing red, purple, and blue pigments known as Anthocyanins. This media can be used in a Color Remediation Column, or between Short Path Distillation runs with a Hot Scrub, to make your distilled oil clean and more clear.  Key features of Color Bleach for Edible Oils: • Excellent metals adsorption characteristics (P, Ca, Fe, Mg, Ni, etc.)• Outstanding color, and chlorophyll removal from oil. • Removes soaps and phospholipids• Enhanced removal of chlorophyll from added Hardwood Carbon.• Fast filtering characteristics, including long filtration cycles and lesspressure build-up at cycle end. pH: 3.0 FDA: GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) -  This product is safe for processing food, as long as its not part of the end product being consumed.  NSF: HACCP *Prior to down packing this product was certified Kosher & Hallal. It does not retain its certifications after down packing, BVV™ doesn't have an on-staff Rabbi or Imam on-site to re-establish religious certifications for this product. Safety Data Sheet:  BVV™ Color Bleach  SDS BVV™ Color Bleach Technical Data Sheet

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  • Uniform Carbon Pre-Washed New Products BVV

    Uniform Carbon Pre-Washed

    Uniform Carbon Pre-Washed Uniform Carbon Pre-Washed is a granular multipurpose, coconut based adsorbent. The prewash removes all powder resulting in the uniform granule size for ease of use.   Uniform Carbon Pre-Washed SDS Sheet 


  • CHEMTEK ChloroSorb Neutral Shop All Categories ChemTek 10 Kg

    CHEMTEK ChloroSorb Neutral

    CHEMTEK ChloroSorb Neutral ChloroSorb Neutral is an acid-activated bentonite/carbon adsorbent that has been neutralized to a neutral pH of 7. General uses are bleaching, deodorizing, or heavy metal removal. ChloroSorb Neutral SDS 

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  • CHEMTEK ChloroSorb Acidic BVV

    CHEMTEK ChloroSorb Acidic

    ChloroSorb Filtering Media is an acid-activated bentonite/carbon blend for bleaching and deodorization. It is generally used for additional bleaching efficiency in conjunction with other sorbents. Contains 5% carbon. ChloroSorb SDS

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  • CHEMTEK ChloroSorb Natural BVV

    CHEMTEK ChloroSorb Natural

    ChloroSorb Natural Filtering Media is a heat-activated bentonite/carbon adsorbent for bleaching and deodorization. Contains 10% carbon. ChloroSorb Natural SDS 

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