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  • BVV Allen Key Set


  • BVV Caliper

    BVV Caliper

    BVV Caliper Digital calipers are used to take very accurate measurements. This caliper can measure up to 8in/200mm with .0005in/.01mm resolution. It features inside and outside jaws and a depth measuring blade. The digital display makes it easy to take quick accurate measurements. Included with the Digital Caliper: Caliper with battery installed Spare battery Product Information Sheet


  • BVV Tape Measure


  • Safety Tools - The Extractor's Kit (AlCu)

    Safety Tools - The Extractor's Kit (AlCu)

    The Extractor’s Safety Tool Kit These tools are forged out of 100% Aluminum Bronze (GB EX IIB). The material hardness is 20-30 HRC, which is still very durable for normal day to day work. They will not generate a spark when knocked against or dropped on steel parts. We have optimized the kit to only include what you will need on our equipment. This kit includes: -Combination Wrenches: 5/8” ¾” -Double End Wrenches: 19/17 mm 17/14 mm 14/10 mm -200mm Adjustable Wrench -250mm Adjustable Wrench -3/8” Drive Socket Wrench -Sockets:  ½ 14mm 5/8 11/16 ¾ -Allen Keys: 3/16  ¼ -Phillips #2 Screwdriver-6mm Flathead Screwdriver-500g Cross-Peen Hammer