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  • Diamond Sauce Separator New Products BVV 9"

    Diamond Sauce Separator for 1.9 ft³ Ovens and Larger

    BVV Diamond Sauce Separator The BVV diamond sauce separator is a good compliment to any diamond miner.  With this vessel you can easily strain and separate your diamonds from the sauce using the internal basket.  You can clean your diamonds like never before with less work.   DSS-9 12.25" Exact Height (Fits 1.9 ft³ Vacuum Ovens) 6" Deep Basket (100 micron mesh Dutch Weave) 3"x9" Main Body Spool DSS-12 15.25" Exact Height  (Fits larger than 1.9 ft³ Vacuum Ovens) 9" Deep Basket (100 micron mesh Dutch Weave) 3"x12" Main Body Spool Replacement Top Gasket around the basket can be found Here.   

    $160.00 - $180.00

  • Diamond Sauce Separator Basket New Products BVV 12"

    Diamond Sauce Separator Basket Dutch Weave 100 Micron

    BVV Diamond Sauce Separator Baskets for your Diamond Sauce Separator sold "A la Carte" The 6"  long basket fit the BVV DSS-9 The 8.25" long basket fit the BVV DSS-12 The basket is a Dutch Weave all 304 Stainless Steel basket, and fits inside a 3" tri-clamp spool.  The lip perfectly fits the tri clamp flange and works with our Dutch Weave product line gaskets.  

    $21.00 - $26.00

  • 6" Sauce Separator Shop All Categories BVV

    6" Sauce Separator

    6" Sauce Separator     Separate diamonds from sauce at scale with our 6" Sauce separator.  Simply load your crystallized extract into the top vessel and place it in a heated oven at 120-140F for 4 hours to sweat the sauce from your crystals.  Equipped with a 100-micron Buna-N gasket the 6" Sauce Separator allows for easy separation of crystals from the mother liquor. With a max height of 12.5" and a max diameter of 9", the 6" Sauce Separator easily fits within our standard 1.9 CF vacuum ovens.     Specifications 6" Splatter Platter for sauce collection 6" 100 Micron BUNA-N Nitrile gasket  6"X6" Body for Extract loading (-30)-250 PSI Compound Gauge 1/4" JIC Butterfly Valve 1.5" Borosilicate Sight Glasses High-Pressure Clamps     Dimensions Max Height: 12.5" Max Diameter: 9"



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