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  • BVV130 Sawtooth Dispersing Shaft Shop Brands BVV 5mm

    BVV™130 Sawtooth Dispersing Shaft

    BVV™130 Sawtooth Dispersing Shaft The BVV™130 Sawtooth dispersing shaft is a great choice when for tissue samples or tougher materials due to the nature of the saw-toothed shaft head it can easily rip apart any of these types of media. The 50x5mm dispersing shaft can handle samples from 1-50ml and the 115x10mm shaft can handle volumes ranging from 1-250ml.


  • BVV500 Homogenizer Dispersing Shaft New Products BVV Coarse

    BVV™500 Homogenizer Dispersing Shaft

    BVV™500 Homogenizer Dispersing Shaft   The BVV™500 dispersing shaft allows the user to choose between a Coarse or Fine toothed generator head and it can be immersed up to 215mm for either solid or liquid media for volumes from 10ml all the way up to 5000ml.   Compare to Scilogex DS-500 Homogenizer Probe  


  • Scilogex DS-500 Homogenizer Probe New Products Scilogex DS-500/1 Coarse Slot

    Scilogex DS-500 Homogenizer Probe

    Scilogex DS-500 Homogenizer Probe (Probe ONLY - Motor NOT Included) This is the Scilogex DS-500 Homogenizer probe with either coarse teeth for solid/liquid media or fine slot teeth for Water in Oil/Oil in Water emulsions both probes are good for volumes from 10-5000ml and will attach to the D500 drive motor. Each probe is 20mm in diameter and has a 215mm immerse length with flat head-open slots. DS-500/5 generator 5mm dia. generator, flat head-open slot, 60mm immerse length for solid/liquid media, volumes 1-50ml Slot Type Specifications: Probe Slot Type Specifications Model # Slot Type Media Type DS-500/1 Flat Head-Open COARSE Solid/Liquid DS-500/2 Flat Head-Open FINE Water in Oil/Oil in Water Emulsions DS-500/5 Flat Head-Open slot Solid/Liquid medium,       

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