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    BVV™ Filtration Media CRC Starter Bundle

    BVV™ Filtration Media CRC Starter Bundle   This is the BVV recommended starter bundle for anyone venturing in to closed loop Color Remediation and desiring to make a clear and cleaner end product.  This bundle works well with any of our Inline CRC hardware kits. (Seen here: ICRC300) BVV recommends a Pressure Flow through this bundle @ 30PSI.  What's Included in the Bundle? BVV™ Silica Gel 60A - BVV™ Chromatographic Silica Gel is as premium as it gets. We recommend this for our Top layer of the CRC to grab fats, waxes and color bodies.  It wont take the place of full dewaxing but it does a darn good job on its own.  We recommend 30-50g of Silica per lb. biomass as the top layer of your filtration stack depending on the age of your material and the diameter of your filtration column.  Pure-Flo® B80 Natural Bentonite for Bleaching - Pure-Flo® B80 will remove chlorophyll, color bodies, fats, waxes.  Its natural neutral pH will help retain terpene flavonoids and clarify and remove dark colors from your oils.  B80 is the most commonly used CRC media in extraction.  We recommend you use 100g of bentonite Clay per lb. biomass above a layer of Activated Alumina. BVV™ Activated Alumina - BVV™ Activated Alumina is granular media excellent for grabbing water and waxes.  We recommend Activated Alumina as the bottom layer of your filtration stack to absorb moisture at 30-50g per lb. biomass depending on the diameter of your filtration column.      

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  • Silica 60A

    BVV™ Chromatography Silica Gel 60A 30-200μm (Made in Germany)

    Chromatography Silica Gel 60Å Silica gel consists of a granular, porous form of silicon dioxide synthetically made from sodium silicate (source). DAVISIL® 60Å 30-200μm Chromatographic Silica Gel is suitable for use as packing for liquid chromatography normal phase separations with low operating pressures, a substrate for supporting surface functionalization, and as an adsorbent in continuous processes. The 60 Angstroms pore size is the correct pore size for color remediation for the Hemp industry. Silica gel can be used for the cleanup and purification of a wide range of synthetic and natural compounds. Silica Gel is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-reactive, and is stable with ordinary usage. Storage in a dry warehouse is recommended. Open packages should be resealed to prevent contamination of the product. The material in standard packaging should be used within 24 months from the date of production. Made in Germany Certification DIN EN ISO 9001 DIN EN ISO 14001 DIN EN ISO 50001 DAVISIL® Silica Gel 60A 30-200μm Technical Data Sheet DAVISIL®Silica Gel 60A 30-200μm Safety Data Sheet       Note:  Super sack and Bulk sizes are non-stocked items and will be ordered as needed and carry a several weeks lead time and require a forklift or pallet jack

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