BVV™ Filtration Media CRC Starter Bundle


BVV™ Filtration Media CRC Starter Bundle


This is the BVV recommended starter bundle for anyone venturing in to closed loop Color Remediation and desiring to make a clear and cleaner end product.  This bundle works well with any of our Inline CRC hardware kits. (Seen here: ICRC300)

BVV recommends a Pressure Flow through this bundle @ 30PSI. 

What's Included in the Bundle?

    • BVV™ Silica Gel 60A - BVV™ Chromatographic Silica Gel is as premium as it gets. We recommend this for our Top layer of the CRC to grab fats, waxes and color bodies.  It wont take the place of full dewaxing but it does a darn good job on its own.  We recommend 30-50g of Silica per lb. biomass as the top layer of your filtration stack depending on the age of your material and the diameter of your filtration column. 

    • Pure-Flo® B80 Natural Bentonite for Bleaching - Pure-Flo® B80 will remove chlorophyll, color bodies, fats, waxes.  Its natural neutral pH will help retain terpene flavonoids and clarify and remove dark colors from your oils.  B80 is the most commonly used CRC media in extraction.  We recommend you use 100g of bentonite Clay per lb. biomass above a layer of Activated Alumina.

    • BVV™ Activated Alumina - BVV™ Activated Alumina is granular media excellent for grabbing water and waxes.  We recommend Activated Alumina as the bottom layer of your filtration stack to absorb moisture at 30-50g per lb. biomass depending on the diameter of your filtration column.  



BVV™ Filtration Media CRC Starter Bundle

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