Inline CRC


Inline CRC Kit

BVV's Inline CRC Kit can be utilized to adapt any 1.5", 2", 3", 4", or 6" diameter material column for inline adsorbent filtration. This kit includes a corresponding sized media column and a filter stack including a 5 micron & 1 micron Dutch Weave Sintered Filter Disc. This Inline color remediation kit is meant to be plumbed between your existing extractors material column and the existing hemispherical reducer of any closed loop hydrocarbon extractor.

Assembly starts with placing the 1 micron sintered disk and gasket between the extracts hemispherical reducer and the included filter plate securing both with one of the included high-pressure clamps. Next, take the 5-micron sintered disk and the included ashless filter paper and rip around the circumference of the sintered disk, placing both atop the filter plate placing the sintered disc gasket and media column spool over top before securing both with the remaining high-pressure clamp. Since the spool secures the filter paper in place a filter plate ring is not required. Media can then be layered into the media column by weight before placing the loaded material column above the adsorbent filtration column and assembling the remainder of the extractor.

For optimum filtering results utilize the following layer recipe from top to bottom:

30-50g per lb of biomass Silica 60A

75-100g per lb of biomass Bentonite Clay

30-50g per lb of biomass Neutral Activated Alumina

This Kit includes:

  • Media column Tri-clamp Spool
  • V3 Filter Plate
  • 5 Micron Sintered Disk
  • 1 Micron Sintered Disk
  • 2X Buna-N Sintered Disc Gaskets
  • 2X High-pressure Clamps
  • Fast Flow Ashless Filter Paper (100qty)
  • 1000 Gram Sample of B80

*This video provides a visual assembly of the 3" Inline CRC which is applicable across all sizes*

Inline CRC

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