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    BVV Clear Brewing Silicone Gaskets

    BVV Clear Brewing Gaskets  Gasket made of Silicone come in a variety of tri-clamp / tri-clover sizes ranging from 3/4", 1", 2", 3", 4" and 6" Tri-clamp. The 4" and 6" gaskets also have a no flange option that has the inside flange of the gasket removed.

    $0.64 - $3.00

  • Sale -43% BVV Brewing Whiskey Helmet Shop All Categories BVV 4" X 4" TC w/1/2npt Thermo Connection

    BVV Brewing Whiskey Helmet

    BVV Brewing Whiskey Helmet  The Whiskey Helmet, onion Head comes comes with a 1/2npt Thermo connection.  Traditional whisky helmets help to blend vapors and produce a better quality products. Can work with a reflux column or as a part of pot still. Copper naturally aids the distillation, the helmet will help remove the unwanted things in alcohol vapor and bring more flavor to your final product. Sizes Available  4" x 4" Whiskey Helmet , Onion head 11L (approximately),  Pure Copper 99.99% 6" x 6" Whiskey Helmet , Onion head  30L (approximately) , Pure Copper 99.99%  


  • Sale -39% BVV 6" Copper Bubble Cap Plate BVV

    BVV Brewing Copper Bubble Cap Plate

    BVV Copper Bubble Cap Plate  Copper Bubble Cap Plate. These copper bubble plates are used in a flute still column positioned between sections to help with separation of alcohol and waters. The alcohol water bubbles up on the plates allowing the distiller to see the action happening in the still column. More bubble cap plates in a column and a taller column with a reflux condenser or dephleg create a high percentage neutral spirit. Copper bubble plates can be taken apart and cleaned with citric acid or mild acid solution.    Sizes Available  4" 99.9% Red Copper bubble plate 6" 99.9% Red Copper bubble plate

    $35.00 - $115.00

  • BVV Thermometer Thermowell Shop All Categories BVV

    BVV Thermometer Thermowell

    BVV Thermometer Thermowell  High quality adjustable stainless dial thermometer that adjusts from straight to a 90 degrees. This thermometer is the one that goes in the top of the still with upgraded thermometer and adjusts to 90 degrees so you can see the temperature at the top of the column. Being adjustable these will also work in the boiler or milk can as well.  see photos to see angle of adjustment. Stainless Dial Thermometer face is 3 inch diameter and reads 0 to 300 degrees in Fahrenheit and 0 to 150 degrees in Celsius. Fitting is 1/2″ male threads and these have a 2″ long probe. Calibration screw on the back so if the temperature is off you can adjust it read correctly


  • Sale -38% BVV Brewing 4" Copper Sight Glass Union Tri-Clamp Tee Shop All Categories BVV

    BVV Brewing 4" Copper Sight Glass Union Tri-Clamp Tee

    BVV Brewing  4" Copper Sight Glass Union Tri-Clamp Tee   4" Copper Sight Glass Union Tri-Clamp Tee 4"x 4"x 3",Distillation Lens Column For Home Brewing ,Length 150mm. Specifications Material Red Copper/Stainless Steel Connection method: Clamp Connection Pipe size: 4" Surface treatment Mirror Surface Medium Oil Chemical industry water conservancy electric power boiler, machinery metallurgy sanitary construction etc.


  • Sale -60% BVV Brewing SS304 Parrot Shop All Categories BVV

    BVV Brewing SS304 Parrot

    BVV Brewing SS304 Parrot  SS304 Parrot w 3/4" TC Drain Port  High quality product collector (also known as parrot or parrot body) made of stainless steel. This essential part of a still can easily be mounted with tri-clamps. Shape and angle of the product outlet take care of a clean fluid friction directly into a collection jar or funnel.   Specifications Material: Stainless Steel Weight 1.10 Height 10.11-inch Connection 1 3/4 " Tri-Clamp Connection 2 3/4 " Tri-Clamp (with 3/8" bore)



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