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  • BVV Mineral Oil 7 White NF (USP/NF Food Grade) Shop All Categories BVV

    BVV Mineral Oil 7 White "Clear" (USP/NF Food Grade)

    BVV Mineral Oil 7 White NF (USP/NF)   What is Mineral Oil? Mineral Oil is a lightweight, colorless, odorless oil obtained from the by-product of refining crude oil to make gasoline and other petroleum based products. Mineral Oil is also known as White Oil, Liquid Paraffin, Paraffinum Liquidum (Latin), Liquid Petroleum, and White Mineral Oil. Mineral Oil uses are widely revered in cosmetic and industrial manufacturing. Food Grade Certified to FDA 21 CFR 172.878  BVV Mineral Oil 7 White NF - COA   BVV Mineral Oil 7 White NF  - Spec Sheet 

    $10.00 - $750.00

  • Therminol XP Heat Transfer Fluid New Products BVV 5 Gallon

    Therminol XP Heat Transfer Fluid

    Product description Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet Therminol XP heat transfer fluid is an extremely pure white mineral oil which provides reliable heat transfer. Performance Benefits Low Fouling— The chemical composition of Therminol XP has been carefully selected to minimize system fouling that results from oxidation and degradation of the fluid. Practically Non-Toxic— It meets the purity specifications in U.S. Food and Drug Administration Regulation 21 CFR 172.878 and is listed as a Registered Nonfood Compound by NSF International (Category Code HT-1: Heat transfer fluids - Incidental contact). Thermal Stability—Users can expect many years of reliable, trouble-free operation, even when operating Therminol XP continuously at the recommended bulk temperature of 315°C (600°F). Environmentally Friendly—Therminol XP has outstanding regulatory status for those seeking heat transfer fluids that have minimum environmental reporting requirements. Applications Adhesives Desalination Dryer heating Fatty acid HTF - bakery HTF - deodorizing HTF - deodorizing oil and fat HTF - edible oil HTF - food production HTF - food/feed/beverage processing HTF - production of bioalcohol HTF - production of biodiesel Industrial Peek (polyether ether ketone) Phthalic anhydride Polyester (PET) Specialty and batch chemical production Specialty chemicals Key attributes Environmentally Friendly Low Fouling Practically Non-Toxic Thermal Stability

    $150.00 - $4,000.00


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