BVV™ V9D 9CFM Two Stage Vacuum Pump


BVV™ V9D 9CFM Two Stage Vacuum Pump


This is the BVV™ V9D 9CFM Two Stage Vacuum Pump.

Please Refer to these charts for vacuum specifications at altitude and conversions:

  • Internal Check Valve
  • Oil Mist Filter Cap
  • Larger Oil Reservoir for longer Oil life
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber Feet for noise dampening
  • Reliable, Economical and Efficient.

    Models BVV4D BVV7S BVV9D
    Stage 2 1 2
    Ultimate Vacuum (Microns) 15 75 15
    Refrigerant Classes A1 Non-Toxic, Non Flammable
    Dimensions (in) 12.4 x 4.8 x 10.16 12.4 x 4.8 x 10.16 15 x 6.3 x 11.22
    Weight (lbs) 19.4 16.5 32
    Free Air Displacement 4.3 CFM 6.4 CFM 8.5 CFM
    Motor Size (HP) RPM 1 HP 3440 RPM
    Oil Capacity 10oz / 300ml 14.5oz / 410ml 24oz / 680ml
    Voltage 110V 60 Hz
    Power Cord Hard Wired 3m / 9.8' Power Cord
    Power Switch Standard On / Off
    Operating Temperature Range 32F to 125 F (0C to 52C)
    Gas Ballast Valve Yes No Yes
    Intake Fittings Stainless Steel Inlet Fitting with 1/4" SAE & 3/8" JIC Male Ports

    Performance Chart


    Pump Warranty Information

    • Customers using solvents such as stabilization resins (MinWax™, Gator Venom™ etc.), alcohol and other polar solvents must use the vacuum pumps in conjunction with a cold trap for evacuations in excess of 5 minutes. (Excludes Cactus Juice™)


    • If the consumer is using the pump for prolonged periods of time exceeding 5 minutes we require that a cold trap is used or the pump warranty is void.


    • These stabilization resins have the ability to break down the internal components of the pump that are plastic resulting in a seized motor voiding all warranties.


    • When evacuation exceeds 5 minutes these solvents begin to vaporize and then re-condense in the vacuum pump reservoir. Once enough solvent re-condenses in the pump displacing the oil the plastic internal components may begin to warp, melt or seize. The use of a cold trap will condense the vapors prior to making their way to the vacuum pump preventing pump damage due to excessive use. Furthermore, Minwax Wood Hardener™ is not to be used with any vacuum pumps, EVER. (A seized motor will result within the first use.)


    • To prevent these issues from happening to your process, change the Oil after each vacuum pump use, Even if the use time is only 5min.

    BVV™ V9D 9CFM Two Stage Vacuum Pump

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