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45L Ethanol Wash/Dry Centrifuge with Explosion Proof Motor and Controller

Industrial centrifuges are used to separating liquids from solids, and this style of centrifuge excels at alcohol extraction by forcefully separating the alcohol from the biomass

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Pump Repair & Rebuild Services

BVV provides pump repair and rebuild services for a variety of vacuum pumps including pro-series pumps, Edwards models, Master Vapor Pump models, Vacuubrand, and more.

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How To Choose A Vacuum Purging Oven

This post goes into detail about vacuum ovens. Some of the basic purging functions and operations are covered, followed by an in-depth discussion to assist in understanding oven specifications like heating, stability, and uniformity.

Vacuum Pumps Overview

This post discusses vacuum pumps in depth and covers all related topics from vacuum pump selection, vacuum pump type, vacuum pump maintenance and care, as well as specific vacuum applications. It also includes a list of recommended vacuum pump pairings.

Silicone Molding in a Cold Trap Vacuum Chamber

One of the many applications for Best Value’s cold trap vacuum chambers is silicone molding. Silicone molding is the process of producing pliable yet strong molds and parts in high volume. This is common for making seals, sealing membranes, bottle nipples, medical devices, and even kitchen utensils (spatulas).

Closed Loop Extraction Part 1: The Basics

The first of our multi-part closed loop extraction series. This post covers basic closed loop extraction, identifying the major components of the system, and understanding the chemical process inside the extractor.