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45L Ethanol Wash/Dry Centrifuge with Explosion Proof Motor and Controller

Industrial centrifuges are used to separating liquids from solids, and this style of centrifuge excels at alcohol extraction by forcefully separating the alcohol from the biomass

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Pump Repair & Rebuild Services

BVV provides pump repair and rebuild services for a variety of vacuum pumps including pro-series pumps, Edwards models, Master Vapor Pump models, Vacuubrand, and more.

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Active vs Passive Closed Loop Extraction

Unsure of the best way to extract pure-grade plant materials and beyond at home? If you’re just entering the great active vs passive closed-loop extraction systems debate, welcome! Not only do the extraction equipment experts at BVV offer a wide array of products for closed-loop extraction systems, but we can also help you find the best unit to fit your needs. Before you begin shopping around, get a better understanding of extraction as a whole. Find out how each method works below.

Alumilite Casting Resins for Woodturning

Are you looking for a set of versatile products to complement your woodturning, mold-making and dyeing projects? Best Value Vacs is a principal Alumilite reseller, whose products expand into both wood and casting resins, mold making silicone rubbers, dyes, fillers, release agents and more.

Advantages of Vacuum Chamber Kits

Best Value Vacs is a leading manufacturer and supplier of vacuum chamber kits. Best Value Vacs’ vacuum chamber kits come with: the chamber and silicone gasket, a vacuum hose, and the vacuum pump itself with oil. Vacuum chamber kits provide users with an all-in-one, ready-to-go system that has all the components needed to turn quality product.

How To Choose A Vacuum Purging Oven

This post goes into detail about vacuum ovens. Some of the basic purging functions and operations are covered, followed by an in-depth discussion to assist in understanding oven specifications like heating, stability, and uniformity.