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    MASTERCOOL 8 CFM 2Stage Vacuum Pump (MSC-90068-2V110B)

    Mastercool 8CFM 2 Stage Vacuum Pump A good quality vacuum pump is an integral tool for complete A/C service. Mastercool vacuum pumps are durable and time tested. They stand up to the most grueling conditions and will provide years of reliable service. Mastercool offers a complete selection of pumps. Regardless of your service requirements, Mastercool has a model for your applications. Key Features: New U.S. Design Stronger Motor Gas Ballast Valve Helps Prevent Oil Contamination Caused by High Moisture Easily Removable Vapor Discharge/Oil Fill Port. Contains Internal Check Valve to Prevent Escape of Liquid Oil Large Oil Level Sight Glass with Max/Min Oil Level Indicator Easily Accessible Oil Drain Valve Large, Light Weight Reinforced Base for Stable Positioning Field Replaceable Cartridge Cooling Fins to Keep Temperature Cooler During Extended Motor Operation High Volume Fan Provides Cool Air to Motor and Pump Manifold Valve Isolates Pump from the System when Testing for Leaks. Includes 3 Inlet Ports, 1/4”, 3/8” SAE and 1/2” ACME Dual Voltage Capability Thermally Protected Motor with On/Off Rocker Switch   Specifications No. of Stages: 2 Free Air Displacement: 8 CFM Ultimate Vacuum: 15 Microns Pump Motor: 3/4 HP Pump Speed: 1720 RPM Electrical Specs: 110 V/220 V, 50/60 Hz Power Cord: 110 V Cable (US Standard) Shipping Weight: 34 lbs (15.43 kg) Dimensions in cm: 38 x 18 x 27   * PLEASE NOTE: The micron readings on all vacuum pumps represent optimal laboratory conditions. Field conditions may vary from these readings.


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