Welch 1400 DuoSeal 0.9 cfm 0.1 Micron Belt Drive Dual-Stage Pump


The Welch 1400 DuoSeal is an ideal choice for short path distillation and other general laboratory applications due to it's extremely low vacuum capabilites. DuoSeal Vacuum Pumps are known for their ruggedness world-wide. These pumps have large oil reservoirs to dilute contaminants. Low pump rpm to reduce friction and wear while minimizing reservoir temperature to lessen chemical reactivity. Pump can be ordered with an optional exhaust filter to control oil mist.

Key Features:

    • High contamination tolerance

    • Ultimate vacuum <0.001 Torr

    • Low RPM for long service life


    • Applications: Vacuum Manifolds, Schlenk Lines, High boiling point evaporations, Glove boxes, General laboratory use

    • Type: Belt-Drive Vacuum Pump

    • Free Air Displacement cfm (l/min.) @60Hz: 0.9(25)

    • Ultimate Pressure: 1 x 10-4(0.00013)

    • Pump RPM: 580

    • Oil Capacity: 0.62(0.59)

    • Motor Horespower (watts): 1/3(250)

    • Adjustable Vac. / Gas Ballast: Yes

    • Tubing Needed: 7/16(11)

    • Intake Thread: 3/4-20

    • Exhaust Thread: 3/4-20

    • Overall Dimensions LxWxH in. (cm): 17.8x9x12.6 (45.1x32.1x31.8)

    • Ship Weight: 70(31.8)

    • Shipping Carton Dimensions: LxWxH in. (cm): 20.5x13.8x14.5 (52.1x35.1x36.8)


Welch 1400 DuoSeal 0.9 cfm 0.1 Micron Belt Drive Dual-Stage Pump

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