ULVAC DA-40S 1.6 Cfm Oil-Free Diaphragm Pump


ULVAC DA-40S 1.6 Cfm Oil-Free Diaphragm Pump

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     This Diaphragm Dry type pump creates vacuum by reciprocate movement of rubber diaphragms.

The structure of this pump makes Oil-free environment and maintenance easy.

 Different pumping speed and two/single stages are optional depending on your required pressure and pumping volume.


  • Vacuum chucks, wafer and tip handling devices.
  • Vacuum tweezers, medical appliances.
  • Printing equipment.
  • Automatic packing machines.
  • Optical appliances.


Unit 50Hz - 60Hz
Actual Pumping Speed L/min 40 - 46
Ultimate pressure Pa 19.9 x 10^3
Motor Single phase, 100V, 60W, 4P, Capacitor run
Full load current A 1.6
Weight kg 7.2
Inlet, outlet pipe diameter mm O.D. dia.9 × I.D. dia.5 (Rc 1/4)
Ambient temperature °C 7 – 40
Overall dimensions mm 128(W) × 242(L) × 178(H)

ULVAC DA-40S 1.6 Cfm Oil-Free Diaphragm Pump

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