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  • Jacketed Splatter Platters

    Jacketed Splatter Platters

    Jacketed Splatter Platters Fully Jacketed splatter platters are a huge step up from normal splatter platters by providing the user a more efficient recovery of their solvent without having to move or lift the extractor into a hot water bath. These jacketed splatter platters allow the circulation of water through the outer jacket through 2x 1/2" FNPT offset ports on each side of the splatter platter. ***Note: Edges of Jacket may be rounded instead of flat. Sizes Available: 6" 8" 10" 12" Specifications: Material 304 Stainless Steel Standard 3A High Polish Connection Type(s): Tri-Clamp 1/2"-14 FNPT BVV™ Jacketed Splatter Platters - Drawing

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