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  • 16CF BVV™ Neocision ETL Lab Certified Vacuum Oven

    16CF BVV™ Neocision ETL Lab Certified Vacuum Oven

    16CF BVV™ Neocision Certified Lab Vacuum Oven, 5 Individually Heated Shelves, LED's - 3 Year Warranty Disclaimer: This unit is intended for LEGAL purposes only, to be used in accordance with local laws and ordinances. Use only in well-ventilated areas! Introduction Our vacuum ovens are purpose-built to perform degassing / purging of light hydrocarbon solvents. Using the technique of cold boiling, the oven applies a gentle heat under reduced pressure conditions to expedite solvent degassing while simultaneously preserving color, aroma, and overall solute quality. We've applied our extensive vacuum expertise and industry experience to produce a series of ovens designed exactly for your needs: low consumption, high-throughput, and reliable operation. Performance Capabilities At Best Value Vacs, we make every effort to provide oven performance capabilities in a standardized format. We're not interested in juking our stats to make a sale. Instead, our goal is to provide quality, transparent production capabilities that meet the demands of our professional customers. Temperature Stability: ±1.0° Temperature Uniformity: within 4% of the temperature setpoint. Heat-Up Time: 30 minutes. Ultimate Vacuum: <500 µmHg / mTorr / micron. Time to Vacuum: 10 minutes to 29"Hg using our 12CFM Spark Free Vacuum Pump Vacuum Hold: guaranteed to lose less than 1"Hg (25.4 torr) in 24 hours.   Technical Data Electrical Voltage 120V Frequency 60Hz Power 2000W Current 20A Plug NEMA 5-15 Internal Chamber Heating Individual direct-heat shelves Chamber Material Stainless Steel Dimensions (LxWxH) 25.5" x 32" x 34" Vacuum Gauge Style Glycerin-filled for accuracy and longevity Range (units) -30 to 0 (inHg) / -1 to 0 (bar) Shelving Ships With 8 Shelves Shelf Dimensions (LxW) 24.75" x 31.5" Shelf Capacity 780 in^2 Total Shelf Capacity 6240 in^2 Safety Seal Silicone on Tempered Glass Window Dimensions (LxH) 29.25" x 32" Lights 4 strips of LEDs provide a clear, bright view of the interior Handle No plastic, all metal parts for lifetime durability Exterior Dimensions (LxWxH) 37.25" x 45" x 46" Weight 500lbs Support Locking Casters Safety Electrical Built-in, resettable, overcurrent circuit breaker Thermal Automatic overtemperature shutoff Compliance CE CE Listing Recognized ISO ISO 9001:2015 ETL Certified Conforms to ANSI/UL STD.61010-1, 61010-2-010 -- Certified to CAN/CSA STD. C22.2 NO.61010-1, 61010-2-010 Connections Vacuum Inlet KF25 / NW25, quarter-turn valve Purge Inlet 5/16" Barbed, 10-turn valve Atmospheric Release Quick-release dial Contains Ships With KF25 x 1/4" JIC Flare with 1/4" vacuum hose User Manual Included Vacuum Pump Sold Separately. Warranty 3 Years   Capacity and Throughput Planning Oven capacity requirements vary widely by the producer. We wanted to create a method to assist in determining the best oven match for your operation, based on a few of the parameters of your extraction and of your desired purge. We based this formula on an expected extraction yield of 25%, with an extract-density of 1 g/in2. Using the following variables, this formula is designed to provide an estimate of your required shelving capacity: Size = Extraction Batch Size (lbs) Number = Runs per 24h Period Purge = Your desired purging duration (hours) Area Required (ft2) = [(Size) * (Number) * (Purge+1)] / 122 Area Required (in2) = (Size) * (Number) * (Purge+1) * 1.18 Note: This item is a freight ship item and will ship Via UPS Ground Freight. Expedited freight can only be calculated by calling customer service 331-281-0154. All orders with expedited freight through the website will not be honored and will need to be re-quoted. A valid Phone Number IS REQUIRED to ship, Otherwise UPS freight Cannot Contact you for a delivery setup window. Freight Time is 2-5 Days. West Coast 5 Days, Midwest 2 days, East Coast 3-4 days.


  • KF-25 Bellow Fitting Hose - KIT

    KF-25 Bellow Fitting Hose - KIT

    KF-25 Bellow Fitting Hose Kit This KF25 or (NW25) bellow hose is made out of 304-grade stainless steel which allows a high vacuum to be obtained with a large flow diameter for vapors. These bellow hoses are flexible and allow the user to connect a KF25 flanged vacuum pump to a KF25 flanged vacuum oven or any other application using adapters like our KF25 x NPT or KF25 x Tri-Clamp/ Tri Clover Fittings. This kit also has 2 KF25 clamps and gaskets. What's Included? (1) KF25 Flexible 304 Stainless Steel Bellow Hose (2) KF25 Centering Gaskets with Viton O-ring (2) KF25 Aluminum Clamps Bellow Hose Sizes Available: 1 Meter(s) (3.28 Feet) 2 Meter(s) (6.56 Feet)  

    $162.00 - $197.00

  • KF-25 Cross - 4 Way Splitting of Vacuum Applications

    KF-25 Cross - 4 Way Splitting of Vacuum Applications

    This is a KF-25 Cross for 4 Way splitting of Vacuum Applications especially vacuum ovens connected to a single Vacuum Pump in an array. The material is 304 Stainless Steel with a 10^-7 torr @ 72F Vacuum Rating. Does not include KF-25 Clamp or O-ring these items are sold separately.


  • KF-25 Tee

    KF-25 Tee

    This is a KF-25 Flanged Tee for High Vacuum Applications. The Material is 304SS and it has a maximum vacuum rating of 10^-7 torr @ 72F.   KF-25 Clamp and O-ring are sold Seperately.  


  • KF-25 Flange Kit

    KF-25 Flange Kit

    Complete KF-25 Flange Kit     The Complete Kit for KF-25 Vacuum Fittings. Connect your flange to a pipe with this complete kit from BVV™. It includes Clamp, O-ring, and Flange

  • KF-25 5 Way Manifold

    KF-25 5 Way Manifold

    This is a KF-25 5 Way manifold for the splitting of vacuum applications especially vacuum ovens connected to a single Vacuum Pump in an array. The material is 304 Stainless Steel with a 10^-7 torr @ 72F Vacuum Rating. (Note: Does not include KF-25 Clamp or O-ring these items are sold separately.)


  • Eco Oven Replacement Handle

    Eco Oven Replacement Handle

    This is a replacement handle for BVV™ Eco ovens.


  • BVV™ Vacuum Oven Vent Release Stopper

    BVV™ Vacuum Oven Vent Release Stopper

    Replacement Cap for eco and neo oven vacuum release knobs. Note the vent release may require the fitting to be greased to hold vacuum.


  • BVV™ Vacuum Oven Vent Outlet Hole and Cap