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  • Sale -5% Hydrofarm - Black Hatch Zipper Door Hydroponic Center Hydrofarm

    Hydrofarm - Black Hatch Zipper Door

      Professional-grade fabric zipper door that is easily installed as an entry/exit door to a grow room features super durable material, tape-friendly borders, a high quality light-blocking zipper, and reflective material on the interior side. For extra protection against light pollution, the Black Hatch also has a heavy-duty fabric layer covering the zipper on the reflective side. Insulative design helps maintain desired grow room temperatures. 571/2"w x 96”h HEAVY-DUTY ZIPPER DOOR EASY TO INSTALL BLOCKS LIGHT POLLUTION  The Black Hatch can be used in a variety of ways, including: Installing it into a black & white poly plastic "wall" in a partitioned room Installation in a doorway after removing a wooden door to save precious space Making a doorway in a DIY custom grow tent


  • Sale -1% Trellis For Tents Hydroponic Center Hydrofarm 2' to 4'

    Hydrofarm - Trellis For Tents

    This modular design trellis can be used in grow tents from 25" x 25" (2' x 2') to 60" x 60" (5' x 5') or 2' (60 cm) to 4' (120 cm). Made from soft elastic rubber netting, it has 36 six-inch square mesh openings that will gently yet firmly maintain your plants in proper upright position as they become heavy through the flowering process. It includes four hooks that will secure it to the support rods in your tent. Can also be used vertically. Modular design is ideal for grow tents 25" x 25" (2' x 2') to 60" x 60" (5' x 5') or 2' (60 cm) to 4' (120 cm) 36 mesh openings Soft elastic rubber net Can be used horizontally as well as vertically Durable and long-lasting Helps guide and support flowering plants Includes 4 hooks


  • Sale -10% Black White Poly, 100' x 10', 4 mil Hydrofarm

    Black White Poly, 100' x 10', 4 mil

    Get double the grow room assistance with this waterproof alternative to metalized film. Unroll this two-sided film and custom fit your indoor garden, eliminating concerns over whether you've got afternoon-facing light or a climate that supports your preferred greenery. Use the white side for walls and floors, taking advantage of the material's 90 percent reflectivity. When you want to block out light and sun, use the light-resistant black side. Adding this poly film to your walls requires no structural changes—you'll leave your place exactly as you found it. Instead of expensive lighting and heating additions, rely on black and white poly.   Features Heavy-duty plastic, 4 or 5.5 mil 3' long in rolls—folds out to 10' wide Easy to handle Black side seals in light White side reflects


  • Tarpline USA Lite Tite Tarp Zip-Up, Black Tarpline USA

    Tarpline USA Lite Tite Tarp Zip-Up, Black

    Designed for use with ordinary construction vapor barrier to seal off work zones, this adhesive-backed zipper is perfect for creating a simple, resealable access doorway. It installs in minutes without special tools and will permanently bond to any clean plastic sheeting. It lets you control air movement for temperature maintenance but, more importantly, it keeps dust from migrating throughout the house. The 84" long, heavy-duty, water proof #5 zipper is sewn to a 950-denier high-density polyethylene backing that has a permanent high-tack acrylic adhesive. Equally useful for providing access to cold frames, shrink-wrapped boats, and plastic tent structures. Instructions included. Heavy Duty Peel 'n Stick Zipper System Heavy Duty Zipper Light Proof Dust Proof Water Proof


  • Sale -4% Permaflect Reflective Fabric Hydroponic Center Hydrofarm 25' x 54"

    Permaflect Reflective Fabric

    Unlike traditional mylar, Permaflect can be wiped clean for long-lasting reflectivity.  Highly reflective & reinforced for durability Wall & floor covering or room divider Mesh increases diffusion—no hot spots


  • Sale -8% Reflective Metalized Film, 100' x 48", 2 mil Hydrofarm

    Reflective Metalized Film

    Maximize your lighting setup without adding more lamps or additional heat sources. Hydrofarm's reflective metalized film makes the most efficient use of your lighting by reflecting light onto your plants. This makes your light effectively work twice for you. The light film unspools easily from a sturdy roll with no sticking or waste. The roll also makes it easy to store. Simply cut what you need to cover windows, walls, and more. You can even place film on tables or floors, then put plants on it and reflect heat up through their pots and other containers. This reflective metalized film is the best reflective material made. Experience its mirror-like efficiency for yourself!



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