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    Wood Stabilizing Chamber  (Comes with 30 Day Limited Warranty)   This is a complete BestValueVac® vacuum chamber setup designed built and 100% tested in Naperville, Illinois. This PVC chamber is ideal for woodworkers who use wood stabilization. With our unique patent-pending gasket design (Patent #9475627) this chamber is sure to last 10,000 uses with proper care and maintenance. The gasket itself is reversible (doubling the life of our system) allowing customers to instantly take it off and flip it over. No adhesives are used! Our simple gasket design even allows you to place the lid on the chamber somewhat off-center and still pull a full vacuum. This is a feature that most other vacuum chambers do not offer. The maximum allowed temperature of this chamber is 160f. The components of this chamber are rated at higher temperatures however as a vacuum vessel we limit maximum operational temperature to 160f. Every chamber is tested prior to shipping to lose no more than 2.5Hg/24hrs. -Please refer to these charts for vacuum specifications at altitude and conversions:   Vacuum at Altitude Chart   Vacuum Conversion Chart   Key Features: Clear PVC Vessel 6" diameter and 12" Depth Clear PVC Vessel 6" diameter and 23" Depth Highly Durable and Reversible Silicone Gasket Glycerin filled vacuum gauge User-friendly vacuum connections that fit most vacuum pumps on the market 50 Micron Air filter for reducing airborne contaminants when releasing the vacuum Silicone vacuum pad 5' of vacuum rated HVAC hose to pull a vacuum.     Specifications Chamber Material PVC Gasket Material Silicone Lid Material PVC Internal Dimensions (ID) 6" Diameter x 12" Depth 6" Diameter x 23" Depth Vacuum Gauge (Glycerin Filled) InHG (0)-(-30) Manifold Connections 1/4" SAE and 1/4" FNPT Temperature Rating 160°F (65°C) Additional Included Items 5' Purple Vacuum Rated HVAC Hose Platinum Cured Silicone Pad Black 50 Micron Air Filter   Warranty Information: Customers using solvents such as stabilization resins (MinWax™, Gator Venom™ etc.), alcohol and other polar solvents must use the vacuum pumps in conjunction with a cold trap for evacuations in excess of 5 minutes. (Excludes Cactus Juice™) If the consumer is using the pump for prolonged periods of time exceeding 5 minutes we require that a cold trap is used or the pump warranty is void. These stabilization resins have the ability to break down the internal components of the pump that are plastic resulting in a seized motor voiding all warranties. When evacuation exceeds 5 minutes these solvents begin to vaporize and then re-condense in the vacuum pump reservoir. Once enough solvent re-condenses in the pump displacing the oil the plastic internal components may begin to warp, melt or seize. The use of a cold trap will condense the vapors prior to making their way to the vacuum pump preventing pump damage due to excessive use. Furthermore, Minwax Wood Hardener™ is not to be used with any vacuum pumps, EVER. (A seized motor will result in the first use.) To prevent these issues from happening to your process, change the Oil after each vacuum pump use, Even if the use time is only 5min. If the chamber vessel is left exposed to stabilization resin for a prolonged period of time, crazing may occur at the bottom of the vessel. It's recommended to clean the chamber periodically of all stabilization resin to prevent these cracks from forming in the chamber.   For shipping info including Import/Export details visit our Shipping link at the bottom of the page.

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