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  • Sale -21% Gaia Green Power Bloom

    Gaia Green Power Bloom

    Gaia Green Power Bloom Product Details Gaia Green Power Bloom Power Bloom is a high phosphate fertilizer specifically formulated to support prolific flowering and fruiting. As a result, Power Bloom is our best fertilizer for root development and for all flowering and fruiting plants. Benefits: This complex, multi-ingredient blend contains high phosphorus and potassium levels suitable for a wide range of flowering and fruiting crops. Embodies the Gaia Green ethos of improving soil quality to support resilient plant growth and abundant, long-lasting blooms. Easy-to-use and long-lasting, this formulation combines ingredients with variable nutrient release rates to support high-yields. Available in granulated and non-granulated. Note: Granulated version is not approved for use in organic agriculture.

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  • Sale -4% Gaia Green Basalt Rock Dust

    Gaia Green Basalt Rock Dust

    Gaia Green Basalt Rock Dust   GAIA GREEN Basalt Rock Dust is mined from an ancient volcanic deposit in British Columbia, Canada. It is a source of natural minerals and trace elements that plants need to thrive. This product can be used on farms, home gardens, landscapes and turf, for a full range of plant types.   SDS - Gaia Green Basalt Rock Dust 2019    Due to certain restrictions, we are unable to ship this product to the following location(s): FLORIDA PUERTO RICO



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