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  • Sale -19% Autopilot CO2 Monitor & Controller w/15' Remote Sensor Hydroponic Center Autopilot

    Autopilot - CO2 Monitor & Controller w/15' Remote Sensor

    Autopilot CO2 Monitor and Controller w/15' Remote Sensor   Autopilot APC8200 CO2 Monitor & Controller with Memory offers a simple and affordable way to control, monitor and record CO2 levels over an adjustable period of time. Trace your room's CO2 levels over minutes, hours, or up to 7 days with this easy-to-use controller. The APC8200 also boasts a fully customizable CO2 setpoint and deadband. Adjust and review your CO2 levels when you want to and how you want to. The APC8200's memory feature gives growers a real edge in fine-tuning the grow room environment. Optimize your CO2 levels with this precision controller from Autopilot!   FEATURES: Fully customizable ppm deadband and CO2 setpoint allow flexibility in programming Trend Chart records CO2 levels per minute, hour, day and week for accurate analysis of CO2 distribution Adjustable Trend Chart Zoom levels let you trace your ppm levels Remote CO2 sensor probe w/photocell & 15' data cable lets you take readings from proper grow room locations 2-Channel Low Drift NDIR Sensor precisely reads CO2 ppm levels Green LED identification lights inform you of the unit's status at all times


  • Sale -14% Autopilot PX2 Advanced Lighting Controller Hydroponic Center Autopilot

    Autopilot PX2 Advanced Lighting Controller

    Product Details More powerful, more reliable, more capable The Autopilot PX2 Advanced Lighting Controller provides precision photoperiod control of up to 512 fixtures in two independently controlled zones, all from one centralized location. Designed to work with any controllable Phantom or Core HID fixtures, as well as PHOTOBIO LED fixtures, the PX2 can control 512 digital HID fixtures (256 per zone), or 100 analog LED fixtures (50 per zone). The PX2 offers the flexibility to operate both zones analog or digital, or one zone analog and the other digital. With this versatile, dual-zone configuration, growers can ... Optimize spectral treatments by checkerboarding lighting technologies within the same environment (e.g., HPS with CMH, LED with CMH) Save power by checker boarding identical fixtures while reducing output to one of the zones during the light cycle within the same environment Alternate rows and zones within the same environment Enhance uniformity by independent control over perimeter versus interior of the environment  Powerful features, precise and independent controls: The PX2 provides independent control of the following features in each of its dual zones:  Photoperiod timing to control light and dark cycles Photosynthetic photon flux control to precisely schedule the PPF being emitted from fixtures during the light cycle (wattage or percentage) Auto-dimming when temperature exceeds set points Emergency auto-shutdown of lights upon user-defined over-temperature events Configurable restrike delay times to eliminate lamp-damaging hot starts Sunrise/sunset simulation settings to provide a gradual ramp-up and down at both ends of your photoperiod Built-in battery backup  Voltage: 100–240V 50/60Hz 0.3 Amps  Two dedicated temperature sensors, one for each zone: These sensors provide real-time data for automated temperature-based dimming, as well as a high temperature shutdown feature that protects your garden. The PX2 eliminates inrush current and replaces traditional lighting contactors, reducing infrastructure investment.  Updated locking signal and data cables: All cables are shielded from electromagnetic interference to ensure uncompromising signal reliability and communication.  Includes: (1) Autopilot PX2 with locking mini 3P IP65 female lighting connectors (2) 50' white temperature probes (2) 20' locking mini 3P M-RJ 6P white RF shielded data cables (for use with controllable Phantoms) (2) 20' locking mini 3P M-2P M white RF shielded data cables (for use with PHOTOBIO LEDs) (1) 5' 100–240V, 50/60Hz power adapter (2) Mounting screws (1) Instruction manual