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  • Bullseye Precision Gauge | Portable Vacuum Gauge | .001 to 2 Torr Accuracy

    Bullseye Precision Gauge | Portable Vacuum Gauge | .001 to 2 Torr Accuracy

    Bullseye Precision Gauge | Portable Vacuum Gauge | .001 to 2 Torr Accuracy The Bullseye Precision Gauge is the ideal portable vacuum gauge to serve many applications. This patented vacuum gauge offers Graphical Displays and graphics supporting real-time analytics (Leak, Pump, Outgas, Stable) Visual graphing feature right on the display Display pinpoints the root of the problem so you get it right the first time Put it anywhere with its magnet and kickstand Options: Rugged carrying case designed for instrument, back-up sensor and these adapters that can change the NPT to a KF25 or KF16 vacuum interface adapters Sensor (Probe) Replacements: This gauge is paired with the Thermocouple Plus/531 Equivalent Sensor, but works with Agilent 531 or 536 sensors as well if you are looking for a more robust sensor option Numeric & Graphical Displays See vacuum readings in either numbers or easy-to-read graphs Calibrated & Precise Delivered pretested and calibrated with thermocouple sensor under actual vacuum against a NIST standard. Extended Battery Lifespan Solid state electronics are built into the Bullseye Precision Gauge. The portable vacuum gauge operates using AA batteries and lasts 70 hours.  Applications Vacuum pump monitoring, vacuum pump testing, baseline vacuum pump performance, & transformer dry-out, distillation monitoring Bullseye Precision Gauge Accuracy Remember to choose your vacuum gauge that gives you the accuracy you need for your application. This Bullseye comes with a thermocouple sensor, which has better accuracy in the millitorr up to 6 Torr.  If you need your Bullseye Gauge to have CE rating then choose either the Bullseye with 531 or Bullseye with 536 KF25 1 to 99 millitorr +/- 2 millitorr or 20% 100 to 2000 millitorr +/- 10% 2  to 6 Torr +/- 25% Above 6 Torr Continuous and monotonic (increasing reading indicates increasing pressure) Units Torr, mbar, bar, kPa, inHg, mm Hg, millitorr, microns, inches of water, PSI, Pa Control Range 1E-4 – 1000 Torr Range with Accuracy .001 – 5 Torr Sensor Type SEN-VGT500, Thermocouple Plus Dimensions 6.2”H x 3.7”W x 1.3”D Certifications ROHS and CE  


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    Digivac Vapor Pressure Controller

    Digivac Vapor Pressure Controller The DigiVac Vapor Pressure Controller is a high-end lab-grade instrument that will allow you to determine set points and maintain vacuum at that specified level. The Vapor Pressure Controller is extremely useful when trying to maintain pressure at a certain level, for example, when trying to control the vacuum level as botanical oils are processed for use in the medical industry. Key Features: USB Communication Maintain Specific Vacuum Levels 3/8" Barbed Hose Connections Digital Readout Compact Design Lab Stand Bulkhead Specifications Sensor Type Sen-775i-NPT-OEM Accuracy +/- 2 Torr Units Torr, mbar Total Range 1 – 775 Torr The Vapor Pressure Controller is DigiVac’s newest product release. This instrument has the ability to help those working in the botanical market easily process plant material through automated distillations. It both measures and maintains the pressure within rotovaps, or any type of vacuum system, following the profile created on the Vapor Pressure Profile Manager - a free, downloadable software that comes with the purchase of a VPC. The front of the gauge is similar in terms of being straightforward. It has displays of both your current vacuum and chosen setpoint, as well as a numerical up/down control, regulation button, and power switch. Just hook your vacuum pump to one side, the rotovap to the other side and plug it in. If you’d like specific ramp rates and time duration, then install the free software, hook up the USB to connect the unit to the computer hosting the software and you can set up your process profile. The vacuum system is what you are going to regulate, an example being your rotovap, vessel, flask or vacuum oven. Once the unit is set up and regulating, the process can also be observed within the software, thus telling you how your system and pump are performing. Resources: DigiVac VPC Blog DigiVac Vapor Pressure Controller Data Sheet DigiVac Vapor Pressure Controller Quick Start Guide