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    Purpl Scientific Pro Kit

    Purpl Scientific Pro Kit  A hand-held solution that turns the user’s smartphone into a robust potency measurement system.   What's Included: Purpl Pro instant cannabis potency measurement device 1x White Reference Target (calibration puck) 1x Sample Holder 1x Charging Cord (USB type C) 1x Cleaning Brush 1x Grinder + Funnel Convenient Carry Case CULTIVATORS Cultivators turn a seed into a sellable crop, and have many decisions to make each step of the way. But the end goal is to make a consistent, high quality product that commands the best profit. Big agriculture uses a lot of analytical technology to achieve the same ultimate aims, but not all of that technology has made its way to cultivation. Purpl is based on the same technology used in agriculture (and pharmaceuticals) to instantly provide chemical information that helps optimize your crop. With Purpl, that technology allows you to instantly measure potency in dry flowers, and soon in growing plants. You might want to measure buds from different parts of the same plant to optimize your lighting setup. Or know which part of the field is producing your desired potency target. We’re sure you can come up with multiple other ways a Purpl would help you optimize your production.       DISTRIBUTORS Distributors connect the cultivators to the retail dispensaries, with an impetus to get best pricing and a consistent product. Lab tests are available on the crop, but with a natural product there is a lot of variation, and that batch being bought or sold might not be the same as what was tested. Purpl helps provide transparency on both sides of the transaction, and it uses technology that’s been used by big agriculture for decades to ensure crop quality and consistency. Instantly measuring potency allows distributors to verify the consistency within a batch, or how it measures up to the last batch, to maximize negotiating power and maintain a quality product.       MANUFACTURERS Infused product manufacturers require instant insight into potency and composition. Purpl PRO provides that intelligence. While lab tests are necessary for the end product potency, consistent quality is still difficult to achieve if there’s any variability in the feedstock. Purpl PRO allows MIP producers to measure the exact batch in much the same method as how big agriculture and food manufacturers use this same technology. Dial in the precise dosage by knowing exactly what’s going into each batch, so you can be sure the final product will be on spec.         EXTRACTORS Extraction strips away from the plant matter, allowing the creation of purified waxes and oils. Consistency is paramount in order to create a successful product. However, extraction has many variables, from the incoming trim feedstock to the pressures, temperatures, and many other variables. Labs can verify the potency of the finished batch, but it’s a lot more helpful and cost-effective to be able to make instant decisions to optimize each batch and avoid any unexpected surprises. Purpl PRO lets you verify the potency of the specific trim you’re using, to help you custom-tailor each batch. Purpl PRO will soon be adding extract potency measurement, to allow the same closed-loop controls that are used in other industries, like big agriculture, food production, and pharmaceuticals, who already benefit from this same technology. DISPENSARIES   Dispensaries are the retail link in the industry, sourcing product from distributors or cultivators for sale to their customers. The goal is repeat business and increased sales, which hinge on consistent, quality products. Lab tests provide a general idea of the crop, but in a natural product there’s a lot of variation from bud to bud, plant to plant. Purpl allows dispensaries to instantly test potency in flowers, and soon in extracts. That means knowing exactly what is being purchased, to negotiate the best pricing with suppliers. And customers will have the ability to measure exactly what they’re buying, so they know exactly what to expect. CONSUMERS As a consumer, you want to know what you’re getting. Maybe it’s the maximum effect of a higher Flower strain you’re after. Or perhaps you want to ensure there’s no Flower in your CBD. Knowing the exact potency is key to appropriate dosing. Even when you see the lab-tested potency for the product you bought, the results were determined from another flower or plant, and as natural product, each plant and even flower has a lot of variation. Purpl PRO has transformed the technology used for decades by big agriculture, into an affordable, easy-to-use device that lets you test exactly what you’ve got, so there’s no more worrying what to expect.            


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    Arometrix Extraction Finder (C1D1-Compliant)

     Arometrix Extraction Finder  (C1D1-Compliant) The Arometrix EXTRACTION FINDER is a real-time molecular monitoring system that enables extraction technicians to maximize extraction efficiency on every run. Traditionally, the extraction process has been more of an art, where technicians rely on intuition, extract color, past experience, and other subjective techniques to change extraction parameters. This is an inefficient way to develop, optimize, or validate an extraction process. Extraction laboratory technicians and managers can utilize this real-time molecular data to inform key process decisions, such as determining when the initial extraction is over. With the EXTRACTION FINDER, extraction technicians can scientifically track solvent saturation of active molecules, as well as undesirable compounds, to continuously improve extraction efficiency. Key Applications: Hydrocarbon Extraction Primary sensor installation location:  Right after the material column Primary purpose:  Tracking solvent saturation to determine when the extraction process (wash) is finished Secondary sensor installation location:  Right after the filtration / CRC column Secondary purpose:  Tracking the separation of undesirable compounds from the solution to ensure clean output material and maintain QA/QC Ethanol Extraction Primary sensor installation location: Right after the centrifuge / wash basin Primary purpose: Tracking solvent saturation to determine wash completion Solventless Extraction Primary sensor installation location: Right after the agitation Primary purpose: Reduction of Chlorophyll and Lipids in output Clean in Place (CIP) for Any Extractor Primary sensor installation location: Anywhere Primary purpose: Identifying leftover material in the extractor during a cleaning in place (CIP) run in between batches and ensuring equipment is clean for cGMP practices   DON’T JUST DO YOUR PROCESS. KNOW YOUR PROCESS.   Features & Details Extraction Finder Sensor Standard 1.5″ tri-clamp fittings for easy installation Spectroscopic technology for instantaneous analytics Intrinsically-safe sensor electronics fully enclosed from all fluid Rated to 350 psi / ASME-compliant C1D1-compliant   Arometrix Monitor Collects and displays real-time molecular data in-line throughout the process High-quality, high-resolution touch screen Compatible with all Arometrix sensors   Key Software Features Molecular Viewing – View up to 3 molecules simultaneously via two different graphing options; select from a list of molecules Intensity Values – Observe numeric molecular intensity levels that correlate with potency Data Logging – Record run data for traceability in our data review app Software Updates – Upgrade to new software releases easily from the field   Powered by fluorescence spectroscopy The AROMETRIX technology utilizes a principle known as fluorescence spectroscopy, a branch of science concerned with measuring molecules based on how they interact with light. The technology uses a spectrum of wavelengths over time to determine the relative purity of oils flowing through a glass condenser or sight glass. This technique paves the way for precision and repeatability, which will yield a more consistent product over time. Product Details Included in this package: Arometrix Monitor Extraction Finder Sensor Power Supply, 10′ Sensor Cable, 30′ User Manual Quick Start Guide Warranty Card   Compliance: PSI Certified in all 50 states ASME-U NFPA 58 LPG Class 1, Division 1 Compliant Class 1, Division 2 Compliant Read our press release to learn more about our certifications     Download Manual PDF 

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    Arometrix Extraction Finder Sensor

    Arometrix Extraction Finder Sensor   Description (includes sensor!) The Arometrix Sensor Housing   Houses and includes the sensor pre-installed, fully enclosing it from hazardous environments Can be easily installed in-line on 1.5” or 2” sanitary flange tri-clamp connections, typically between the extractor’s material column and the collection tank Can also be installed and utilized for other industrial processes with metal connections (distillation, chromatography, conversion reaction, etc.) C1D1-compliant The Arometrix Ultra-Sensitive Sensor Utilizes UV fluorescence spectroscopic technology Safely resides inside of a high-pressure sensor housing Connects and transmits via 30′ sensor cable to the digital display (display and display power supply not included) Plug and play – instantaneously analyzes the mixture flowing through the processing machine 10X more sensitive than our standard sensor model Intrinsically safe; utilizes UL components

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    Arometrix Fraction Finder

    Arometrix Fraction Finder Overview Description The FRACTION FINDER is Arometrix’s real-time molecular monitoring system for refinement processes, such as fractional distillation and isolation. This patented technology is essential for getting the highest-quality, most consistent oils possible. Forget the old ways of relying on experience, guesswork, and eyesight alone – now you can identify fractions in-line with this novel approach to real-time molecular tracking.   DON’T JUST DO YOUR PROCESS. KNOW YOUR PROCESS.   Features & Details Arometrix Sensor Uniquely built to attach