Welch 2019 Diaphragm Pump - vacuum filtration


Welch 2019 Diaphragm Pump - vacuum filtration

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Product Details

  • PTFE Contact Surfaces
  • Light and Portable

 Economical Model 2019 diaphragm vacuum pump is durable and chemical resistant. Use Model 2019 for vacuum filtration, desiccation, degassing, and other mid-range vacuum applications.

Recommended for operations utilizing organic / aqueous solvents and or light acid / base (e.g. acetic acid) solutions. Ideal for single funnel vacuum filtrations, SPE manifolds, or up to 6 holder manifold filtrations.



Free Air Displacement, CFM (l/min) 1.3 (37)
Ultimate Vacuum, torr (mbar) 150 (200)
Max. Vacuum, in Hg 24
Tubing Needed, I.D. in. (mm) 1/4 (7)
Weight, lbs 10.2
Overall Dimensions 8.8 x 5 x 8.8
MODEL 2019B-01 / 2019C‐02

Welch 2019 Diaphragm Pump - vacuum filtration

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SKU: 2019B‐01


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