Vape Cartridge Packaging (Child Resistant 16 CFR 1700 Compliant)


Vape Cartridge Packaging

(Child Resistant 16 CFR 1700 Compliant)

**Does not come with a Cartridge.

This blank matte black packaging will hold 0.5ml - 1.0ml carts.  The carts pictured are the BVV™ ceramic tip carts.  The packaging is universal.  BVV™ has tested the fitment with dozens of carts and just about every length and barrel fits nice and snug.   

The packaging is child resistant to the latest standards and is fully recyclable. This attractive box is patented which means your box will stand out among the others.  Give your extracts the presentation they deserve by affixing your own label and brand to this executive level box. 

The insert comes with all boxes but not installed and is pre-creased so it can easily be folded.

Packaging Dimensions Measure: 2-1/4" Wide x 4-3/8" Long x 7/8" Tall

*Custom Designs for orders over 5,000 pieces, production lead time 3 weeks from proof. 

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Vape Cartridge Packaging (Child Resistant 16 CFR 1700 Compliant)

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