TRS21 Complete Connecting Rod Assembly Upgrade Kit





Included in this kit: Complete connecting rod assemblies with 2-piece SS piston, piston seals, viton o-rings, and 2-piece piston tool.

Looking to rebuild your TRS21 and want to upgrade to a more efficient and longer lasting piston/rod setup?

This kit comes with a fully assembled connection rod and 2 piece piston. The piston is made out of SS making it a great choice for any application where bacterial growth must be eliminated. This design focuses on long life piston seal and wear band. This kit utilizes a Viton energized o-ring specifically designed for butane and or propane recovery used in the extraction process.

By utilizing this kit the piston seal and wear band can be easily removed without having to disassemble the rod from crank. An inexpensive tool (*INCLUDED* SKU: BVV-TL1) is required to rebuild the seals next time service is needed. The tool uses two posts to lock into the top of the piston and a 5/8” Hex heat to remove the top part of the piston. After this has been done the wear ring can slide out and the piston seal can be replaced with a new one, the kit can be purchased for all future piston seal and wear band rebuilds (*NOT INCLUDED* SKU: BVV-3). Loctite 242 (*NOT INCLUDED*) will also be required for proper installation.


A test was performed between the OEM piston and seal design and the BVV. Results show that the BVV had a much less leak rate than the OEM design. After hours of use the leak rate of the OEM design was unable to recover the complete initial solvent batch. This affects the efficiency of the recovery process.


TRS21 Complete Connecting Rod Assembly Upgrade Kit

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