Stainless Steel (316) Mini Ball Valve - FxM NPT


DuraChoice Stainless Steel (316) Mini Ball Valve - FxM NPT

Stainless Steel Mini Ball Valves (or miniature ball valves) are made for use in confined spaces. With a pressure rating of 1,000 PSI (water,  oil or gas) and made out of SS 316, this line of valves outshines the rest of the mini ball valves available on this site.

SS 316 (CF8M) body and ball - for extra strength and corrosion resistance 
Working on pressure of 1,000 PSI (WOG)
Double seal system allows for flow can go in either direction
Heavy duty Zinc Alloy handles (painted blue)
Fast 1/4 turn open or closed operation 
Each valve individually tested for maximum safety 

Designation - Material 
Body - SS 316 (CF8M)
Ball - SS 316 (CF8M)
Bonnet - SS 316 (CF8M)
Ball Seat - RPTFE
Valve Stem - SS 304/SS 316 
Screw - SS 304 
Lever - Aluminum Alloy 
O-Ring - NBR/Viton 

Stainless Steel (316) Mini Ball Valve - FxM NPT

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