So-Low -85°C Platinum Series NC85-12 Ultra-Low Chest Freezer - 12 Cubic Ft.


So-Low -85°C Platinum Series NC85-12 Ultra-Low Chest Freezer - 12 Cubic Ft.

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Product Specifications
Temperature Control Touch Screen Control
Displays set point and chamber temperature
Hi/Low Alarm W / Email and SMS notification
Alarm Relay Dry Contacts
Power Failure Dry Contacts
Battery Back-up
Viewable Temperature graph
Data logging downloadable via USB or FTP
Multi-Level Security
VNC Remote Access via PC / smart devices
Alarm System Battery operated alarm system will emit an audible and visual signal when there is a mechanical or electrical failure. The alarm has an over and under temperature setting, alarm silencing switch.
Dimensions: Exterior: 65.5" x 32" x 47.5"
Interior: 55" x 19" x 20"
Capacity 12 Cubic Ft. / 340 Liters
Temperature Range -40°C to -85°C / -40°F to -121°F
Remote Alarm Relay A relay for a remote alarm hook-up is also provided.
Refrigeration System So-Low cascade type. Two hermetic compressors. CFC & HCFC free refrigerants.
Construction Chamber is 14-ga. zinc coated galvanized steel. Exterior is 16-ga. steel. Powder coated cool gray finish.
Voltages Available 115/60/1 - 220/50/1
Technical Support Supplied by Nation-Wide-Network of service companies.
ETL Electrical Approval




So-Low -85°C Platinum Series NC85-12 Ultra-Low Chest Freezer - 12 Cubic Ft.

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