Polyscience Durachill Chiller; 4.2 L; 208/230 V


Polyscience Durachill Chiller; 4.2 L; 208/230 V


PolyScience CA10A3T1-41AA1N Offers


  • Large, full-color touchscreen display with intuitive interface and support for five different languages
  • Home screen simultaneously displays set temperature, actual temperature, fluid pressure, fluid level, air filter status and timer
  • Self-changing air filter system eliminates preventative maintenance by automatically changing the filter media at user-definable intervals
  • Continuous fluid level monitoring protects pump and prevents freezing
  • Whispercool® noise reduction system reduces operating noise levels to the almost imperceptible levels while maintaining optimal cooling performance
  • Reduced global warming potential through a highly optimized refrigeration system design that greatly reduces the amount of refrigerant gas needed in the chiller and allows for migration to natural refrigerants that have little or no global warming potential
  • Self-diagnostic system compares the chiller's functionality to its operating state the day it was built to minimize operating downtime and unnecessary service calls
  • Compact, portable design takes up less floor space
  • Cooling at ambient temperatures as high as 30°C
  • Components are recyclable and meet or exceed global environmental standards
  • UV Light Biological Growth Inhibitor System eliminates the need for algaecides
  • User-adjustable temperature, pressure, and flow rate alarms
  • Heat up to 70°C, without additional options
  • Front fill reservoir access
  • Externally accessible adjustable pressure regulator valve

Full color touch screen display

The color touch screen display gives you all the information you need at a glance. The screen will display continuous status of set temperature, actual temperature, reservoir fill level and output pressure as well as the status of your air filter. System messages are provided in easy to read text instead of confusing error codes.

Dynamic self-changing filter

Preprogrammed to change its own air filter once a month for a two year period, and the change interval can be adjusted to suit your operating environment. This will dramatically reduce downtime and unnecessary service calls and relieve you of the burden of preventative maintenance on your chiller.

UV light biological growth inhibitor

The UV Light Biological Growth Inhibitor will continuously control biological growth in the fluid path without the need to add chemical growth inhibitors and preventing algicides from being released into the world's waterways.

Front fill reservoir

The chiller offers a conveniently located front fill reservoir. You no longer have to go to the back of the chiller top open to fill the reservoir. It has the fill port in the front, making it easy to access, avoiding spills and saving time.

Continuous liquid level monitoring

Because pump seals will fail in as little as 30 seconds of being run dry, the chiller includes a state-of-the-art capacitance liquid level sensor to protect the pump from premature failure. If the fluid level becomes low, the chiller will give you visual and audible alarms. If the fluid level reaches a point where there's a risk of pulling air into the pump, it will shut the chiller down and present another alarm.

Whispercool® noise reduction

This high-performance chiller utilizes noise reduction system. The Whispercool® system evaluates the demand for cooling from the application then slows the fan speed to the minimum necessary to achieve control point, making the chiller extremely quiet while maintaining optimal temperature control at the same time.


  • Heat removal


Cooling Capacity At 20°C: 2.9 kW
At 10°C: 1.93 kW
At 0°C: 1 kW
Fluid Temperature Range 14 to 158°F (-10 to 70°C)
Temperature Stability ±0.1°C
Displayable Units Temperature: °C or °F
Pressure: psi or kPa
Pump Inlet and Outlet ½" female NPT
Connectivity RS-232, USB Serial Port Emulation, USB TMC, Dry Contact On/Off/Status
Selectable Operating Languages English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin
Self-Changing Air Filter Yes
UV Biological Growth Inhibitor Yes
Ambient Air Temperature Tracking Yes
Pump Pressure Range 20 to 90 psi (138 to 689 kPa)
Maximum Pump Flow Rate 3.5 gpm (13.2 lpm)
Power Requirements 230 V, 60 Hz, 13.5 A
Dimensions 33 x 22 x 33" (84 x 56 x 84 cm)
Weight 177 lbs (80.3 kg)


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Polyscience Durachill Chiller; 4.2 L; 208/230 V

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