PBS Industries EXT10812 Extraction Room


PBS Industries EXT10812 Extraction Room


PBS Industries, LLC is pleased to offer the following proposal for your consideration. (1) Model EXT10812 l Extraction Room Interior working dimensions: 10'-0" wide X 8'-0" tall X 12'-0" long. Approximate overall dimensions: 10'-4" wide X 8'-2" tall X 14'-4" long.



Clean air flows into the room through the filtered ceiling at the front, passing through the work area, and exits through the exhaust plenum located in the rear of the room. Filtered exhaust air is drawn through the exhaust plenum and discharged upward into the atmosphere via the exhaust stack(s).



Panels are fabricated from 18-gauge quality galvanized steel, flanged and precision punched on 6" centers. Panels are fastened together with 5/16 bolts for maximum rigidity. Panel seams and any penetration holes added for extraction equipment must be sealed with provided non-flammable caulk. Meets ATMC-838 Specifications.


A total of (1) Explosion Proof light fixtures will be provided for illumination:

Lighting is provided by 4’ long, 3-Row, 68 watt, LED fixture. Fixture is rated for Class I Div. 1 area (Explosion Proof) group C and D. All fixtures are UL844 listed and approved for their intended use and placement. Fixtures are supplied with 120V-277V power, diffused optic, powder coated black, and carry a 5-year limited warranty.

(1) - 18” .75 HP Exhaust fan rated for 3,000 CFM @ 0.5” Static Pressure Total CFM exhausted: 3,000 CFM. (UL Listed, Explosion Proof Motor)

A precision balanced, fabricated, tube axial type duct fan with aluminum non-sparking fan blade moves air through the fan. Bearings are mounted in rubber isolators for smooth operation. The motor, drive, and bearings are isolated from the exhaust air stream. The bearings are sized with a minimum average life, per AFBMA, in excess of 200,000 hours when operating at the maximum RPM of the fan size.


Design Note: Purge air flow is calculated at approximately 3 air changes per minute. Constant operational airflow is approximately 800-1000 CFM.


Infrared Gas Detection System:

Control panel is housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure that is waterproof, chemical and weather resistant. The control box includes an audible and visual alarm to alert personnel of gas detection including gas type and concentration level. When gas is detected above the appropriate setting the exhaust fan will increase to full speed to purge gas from the room.

UL Listed infrared transmitter – Detects combustibles or CO2. Sensor is pre-calibrated for your specific gas or solvent requirement. Explosion Proof Construction with non-intrusive calibration and is rated for Class 1 Div. 1 Groups B, C, D. Contact us should multiple gases or solvents be required.


(1) - Personnel access door(s):

Personnel access door(s) are double wall 18-Ga. galvanized steel units sized at 36" x 84” and are provided pre-hung in a heavy gauge steel frame ready for mounting to the room. The mounting hardware includes an observation window, FM approved panic type safety latch and two 6" door pulls. Room also includes a door closing device that is UL Listed and ADA compliant. Closer can be mounted on the interior or exterior as well as the left or right side of the door. Door closer is constructed of aluminum and is ANSI A156.4 compliant.


UL/ ETL Listed Control Equipment:

A NEMA12 enclosure pre-wired and tested by manufacturer for simple hookup. Control panel includes main disconnect switch, class 10 motor protection, light contactor, fuse block, and field wiring terminal strip to easily connect interlock circuits such as door limit switches, and fire suppression. Includes fan failure alarm circuit and auto fan override relay. The class 10 motor protector offers maximum motor protection by being individually calibrated for the smallest and largest current it can handle and includes automatic ambient temperature compensation over a range of -13F to +140F.


Code Compliance:

All PBS extraction rooms are designed to meet or exceed the requirements and recommendations of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Codes: NFPA 1-2018, 33, 55-2016, 58-2020, 70-2017, 497-2017. NEMA 250-2018. ASME BPVC VIII Div. 1-2019, IBC. IFC-2018. IMC as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) CFR 29.1910.107 covering the operation and construction of ventilated rooms. PBS extraction rooms are UL 1389 compliant with regard to component placement, operation, and intended use. Peer Review included.


NOTE PLEASE: If you would like more than one ADD-on please contact us 

PBS Industries EXT10812 Extraction Room

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