Nylon Filter Bag Socks with Spool Collar (Fits Extractor Spools)


Nylon Filter Bag Socks with Spool Collar (Fits Extractor Spools)

Nylon Filter Bag Socks Filter socks make loading and unloading spools way faster and easier. Keep production costs down by hot-swapping socks and continuing to process material with less downtime.

The 100 micron socks are made of nylon and the 53 micron socks are made of monofilament polyester, both of which won't react to solvents and are very durable. 

The BVV Filter Bag Fitment

Our bags are designed to nearly match the internal circumference.  Our bags will make contact smoothly with the wall of the spool allowing them fit without wrinkling or bunching.  The added collar will fit over any end ferrule on the spool.  The collar makes loading easier.  Our filter bags are also lengthened to accommodate the complete fill of the column you are loading, maximizing space used!  We have filled and tested each sock we offer, and made necessary adjustments to make sure these perform and hold up to repeated use.  

*(~Denotes Approximation) Each bag is laser cut but hand stitched and will have some small deviations in dimension.  

Filter Bag  ~Actual Size
1.5"x12" 1.37"x12"
1.5"x24" 1.37"x24"
1.5"x36" 1.37"x36"
2"x12" 1.87"x12"
2"x24" 1.87"x24"
2"x36" 1.87"x36"
3"x24" 2.87"x24"
3"x36" 2.87"x36"
4"x24" 3.834"x24"
4"x36" 3.834"x36"
4"x48" 3.834"x48"
6"x36" 5.782"x39"
6"x48" 5.782"x51"
6"x60" 5.782"x63"
8"x36" 7.782"x41"
8"x48" 7.782"x53"
8"x60" 7.782"x65"
10"x36" 9.732"x41"
10"x48" 9.732"x53"
10"x60" 9.732"x65"
12"x36" 11.732"x41"
12"x48" 11.732"x53"
12"x60" 11.732"x65"

Nylon Filter Bag Socks with Spool Collar (Fits Extractor Spools)

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