M11x1.0 Regulator for Compressed Gas


 Compressed Gas Regulators

Thread Size M11x1.0

All Made in Italy or Japan

Our regulators are threaded and designed to fit our compressed gas tanks.  Nitrogen, Argon, and Best Whip Nitrous Oxide cylinders.  These are very high quality regulators, these are typically sold aerospace companies.   You will be more than impressed with the quality and durability of these regulators.  You definitely get what you pay for with these! 

*All regulators in this listing do not come with hoses, or cylinders.  What is being sold is the regulator only. 

Regulators gauges read in BAR, not PSI

Regulator Variant
Product SKU
Output Fitting
Regulates To
Bare Regulator  M11x1-CR 1/8 BSPT Female N/A 80psi
Argon Regulator ARGON-130G-R 1/4" Hose Barb Any 1/4" ID Tubing 80psi
Argon Duster DUSTER-5/8-DK 3" Straw N/A 5psi
Nitrogen Regulator NITROGEN-130G-R 1/4" JIC Any 1/4" JIC Hose 80psi

M11x1.0 Regulator for Compressed Gas

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SKU: M11x1-CR


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