J-KEM DVR-200-EV Digital Vacuum Regulator


J-KEM DVR-200-EV Digital Vacuum Regulator

The DVR-200-EV has the same stainless steel pressure transducer inside, but the vacuum valve is outside of the controller. The value of this design is that the vacuum valve can be cleaned or replaced much easier than the valve in the classic DVR-200. Some applications, like distillations or stripping large volumes of solvent, can leave residues inside the valve which causes it to fail. Replacing the vacuum valve is the most frequent repair that J-KEM performs on the DVR-200. Replacing the valve in the classic DVR-200 is difficult and must be returned to J-KEM for repair. With the EV version, the user can disassembled the valve and wash it out, or even replace it in under 5 minutes. For large distillations or botanical applications, J-KEM recommends the DVR-200-EV.

  • No Mercury
  • 100% digital pressure entry and control
  • Wetted parts are 100% stainless steel and Teflon
  • Vacuum ramping feature eliminates bumping


  • All organic solvents
  • Acids
  • Bases
  • Water


Specifications: 100 watts. Vacuum fittings: 1/8″ NPTM.

Warranty: Electronics 2 Years, Vacuum Valve 6 months (void if damaged by chemical buildup)

J-KEM DVR-200-EV Digital Vacuum Regulator

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