Inline Candy Desiccant Dryer


The inline candy desiccant dryer is a necessary accessory to any one using a vacuum oven for candy drying.  The column will need to be filled by the user with silica gel and has fine mesh stainless filters on each end to hold in the beads.   We recommend connecting the vacuum inlet from the pump to the top of the column to prevent any water accumulation in the beads from reaching the pump via gravity.  The bottom of the column will connect to the oven itself. 

The column holds 1.5lb of silica gel desiccant. Its water holding capacity is 36%.  Since 1lb of candy can hold as much as 40-60g of water, a 1lb column of desiccant will have the capacity to handle approximately 4.5-5lb of fresh candy drying before it needs to be reactivated. 

Silica gel can be reactivated by placing in an oven on a sheet pan for 0.5-2.0 hours at 200-250F or microwave for 10 minutes on defrost.

BVV Hook Up Guide - Quick Assembly PDF

Size Variants

  • Standard Size 2" Outside Diameter x 24" Tall Column (Holds 1.5lbs Silica)
  • XL Size Column 3"  Outside Diameter x 36" Tall Column (Hold 6.5lbs Silica)
  • Extension Kit for the Standard Column 2"  Outside Diameter x 24" Tall (Holds1.5lbs Silica)

*Silica Gel: Source from amazon (USE Clear silica gel)

Inline Candy Desiccant Dryer

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