High Pressure Wood Stabilizing Chamber


High Pressure Wood Stabilizing Chamber

A BVV EXCLUSIVE! This is our high pressure wood stabilizing column that can perform rapid wood stabilization @ 1600 PSI (1.5" Diameter Tube) & 450 PSI (3"/ 6" Diameter Tube).  This extreme pressure makes the toughest woods easy to impregnate with wood stabilizer in as little as 15min.  Then its off to the oven for a quick cure and its finished.  The blanks in the photo, all 3 were stabilized and cured in less than 1 hour and 15 min, including cleanup. 

The system is simple.  Load your blanks into the column and fill no more than 80% with resin.  (make sure the blanks are submerged) Then close the system and turn on the pump set to 1600 psi.   Watch the video and check out the instruction manual for details. 

The compressor you will need can be ordered from this site (GX Pumps Click This Link).  BVV does not yet carry the compressor for this system.  But our hose will connect directly to the compressor.

If the compressor is out of your reach a high pressure hand pump can be used. (GX Hand Pumps Click This Link)

The system comes with an installed safety pressure relief burst disk rated for 1800 PSI. (1.5" Diameter tubes)  & 450 PSI. (3"/ 6" Diameter tube) Should you exceed the pressure of the system the disk will rupture releasing pressure.  

What's Included

  • Wood stabilizing manual *Coming Soon 3/1/24 for 3"/ 6" Diameter.
  • Braided stainless steel hose 2500 psi rated.
  • Main column, stand and top cap valve manifold assembled.
  • Extra safety burst disk, for 1.5" Diameter Tube.  3"/ 6" Tubes self reset. 

BVV warranties all the components except valves to be free from defects for 1 year.  BVV does not warranty any claims where resin has been released/backflowed into the manifold hose or valve.  Resin is water washable and should be cleaned after each use, especially if resin has accidentally backflowed into the manifold area.

High Pressure Wood Stabilizing Chamber

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