Helix Base Complete Accessory Kit


Helix Base Complete Accessory Kit



The perfect complimentary accessory kit to our Helix rosin press or any rosin press with heat plates up to 4" wide. This rosin press accessory kit has everything you need to prep, pack, scrape, and press up to a half lb of flower and up to a pound of sift or hash!


Press any material with ease

This handy complete Helix rosin press accessory kit comes with multiple 2" x 3" micron bag types and all the tools you need to press flower, dry sift, or ice water hash.


Perfect for any press with small plates

Don't have a Helix? No problem. Every accessory and tool in this kit works perfect with other rosin presses that have 4" or larger heat plates as well.


Kit includes:

(120x) 2" x 3" rosin filter bags, 20 each of 5 key micron types (25μm, 36μm, 72μm, 90μm, 115μm, and 160μm)

(1x) 2" x 3" 100% aluminum, magnetized pre-press mold

(100x) pack of our pre-cut 35 lb 100% USA-made parchment paper

(1x) PurePressure silicone extraction dab mat (11.75" x 8.5")

(1x) PurePressure specialized rosin collection tool

(1x) PurePressure Turbo Funnel

(1x) Quick Flip tool

(3x) PurePressure Sticker Pack


Helix Base Complete Accessory Kit

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