Heavy Duty Aluminum Oven Tray


Heavy Duty Aluminum Oven Tray



This oven tray is a perfect addition to our 1.9 and 0.9 cubic foot vacuum ovens.  For those hard to keep in place items or to keep objects from rolling off our shelves.  Our trays are a perfect fit, maximizing all of the shelf space possible. They are heavy weight material heats quickly and provides even heat distribution to deliver the quality results you expect. These trays will sit right on top of your existing shelves.  They will not sit on the shelf guides in any of the ovens, the existing shelf is needed for support. 

10x10 Tray for the 0.9 NEO & ECO model vacuum ovens.

14x14 Tray for the 1.9 Neo & ECO model vacuum ovens. 

This 1" deep tray is made of 14 gauge, 1.5 mm thick heavy weight aluminum! This material resists rust, corrosion, and warping for a tray that will last.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Oven Tray

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