Haier Ultralow -86C undercounter, front loading freezer 100L (3.5cf), 208-230V/60Hz


Haier Ultralow -86C undercounter, front loading freezer 100L (3.5cf), 208-230V/60Hz


 Energy Efficient, Safe and Reliable

High efficiency HC refrigeration system, optimized for energy

efficiency delivering a power consumption figure of just 5.5kW/24hr.



Personal ULT Storage

810mm cabinet height makes it easy to place on or under bench,

saving storage space. Stackable design.



Ergonomic design

Ergonomic handle design ensures easy one-hand door opening



Low noise

Optimized noise reduction cabinet and system design,

emits sound level of only 46.8dB.



Microprocessor control system

· Microcomputer electronic thermostat, LED temperature display, display precision 0.1℃, adjustable cabinet

temperature set point -40℃~-86℃.

· Cabinet temperature/voltage/ambient temperature checking are available.

· Multiple alarm functions: high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, sensor fault alarm, power failure alarm,

low battery power alarm, open door alarm and high ambient temperature alert.

· Sound and light alarm mode, attachable to remote alarm interface.

· Battery backup alarm function operates continuously for >24hr in the event of a power outage.

· Standard configuration: RS485 port and USB interface.

· Standard 5V power supply available for test equipment.

· Optional IoT module.


Superior thermal insulation performance

70mm super thick insulation layer design, aviation vacuum insulation material VIP, thickness of 25 mm or more, 4 layers of silicone seal, superior thermal insulation and energy saving effect.




Portholes as standard, allows for independent testing of cabinet temperature



Security lock

Standard door lock and padlock to ensure sample security and prevent unauthorized access.



USB data storage

Capable of storing more than 15 years of data.


Haier Ultralow -86C undercounter, front loading freezer 100L (3.5cf), 208-230V/60Hz

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