Ashless Filter Papers - 350MM - Quantitative


Ashless Filter Papers - 350MM - Quantitative

Quantitative and qualitative filter papers provide laboratory grade filtration for extraction systems and are specifically used in combination with a Buchner funnel to remove fats, waxes and any other unwanted contaminants from your solution. These filter papers are used in the pre-processing stage of short path distillation to clean up the material prior to processing.

Key Features:

    • ISO 9001 Approved
    • Manufactured from alpha-cellulose and cotton linters
    • High Purity and low background
    • Consistent performance
    • Whatman equivalent quality
    • Pre-Cut for ease of use


Classification Quantitative
Sizes Available:
AFP-1 11um - Medium
AFP-4 20um - Fast
Quantity per Pack 100
Diameter 350mm (13.78")


Ashless Filter Papers - 350MM - Quantitative

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SKU: AFP-1-350


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