EVO Mini Closed Loop Extractor


EVO Mini Closed Loop Extractor

(System comes with 1 yr. limited warranty)

The EVO Mini 90 gram closed-loop extractor was designed to provide the same versatility & capability of our EVO Extractor line, allowing both the use of adsorbent filtration and pre-chilling of solvent utilizing the inline Color remediation column and the Sleeved EVO recovery tank. 

The EVO Mini is the perfect small batch R&D system or top-of-the-line mini extractor. Perform small batch testing of new biomass or R&D new adsorbent filtration recipes without utilizing large volumes of biomass. The Evo Mini allows you to test with hot or cold solvent, try out different ratios of powders or granular medias, and test extract new biomass before running a larger extraction.

The EVO Mini comes complete with a top fill injection manifold including a compound gauge, a stainless steel butterfly valve with a 1/4" MJIC connection that injects solvent directly into the 1.5"x 12" 90-gram material column which is enclosed by 2x 100 micron Buna-N mesh gaskets. Just below the 90-gram material column is the inline 1.5" x 3" color remediation column just below the material column with a 30-gram media capacity and a filter stack utilizing both a 5 micron & 1 micron sintered disk. Below the filter stack the EVO Mini drains into the collection base equipped with a compound gauge, a 4" Short sight glass, and a stainless steel butterfly valve with a 1/4" MJIC connector. 

The Collection base can accommodate up to 1.1lbs of butane perfect for a 5:1 solvent to biomass ratio. Which can be evaporated with ease when used in conjunction with the Mini Evo sleeved recovery tank filled with dry ice and a hot water bath.

***Note: Solvent not included with systems unless ordered separately. Any order with butane WILL NOT SHIP EXPEDITED.***

***DISCLAIMER: This unit is intended for LEGAL purposes only, to be used in accordance with local laws and ordinances. Use only in extremely well-ventilated areas. Check with your local fire marshal for guidance when operating indoors.


  • Meets or exceeds all industry listed standards
  • Versatile in running butane, propane, and other blended solvents
  • Perfect for R&D of media combinations or testing fresh biomass
  • Inline color remediation
  • Pre-chilling of solvent

Extractor Configuration:

  • Explorer: Our standard, most economical setup, perfect for the entry-level extractor on a budget. This option comes equipped with single pin clamps rated to a service pressure of 300PSI for the 4" clamp and 500PSI for the 1.5" clamp at 70F.
  • Elite: The Elite series is the premium version of the EVO Mini that comes equipped with High-pressure clamps rated to a service pressure of 800PSI for the 4" clamp and 1500PSI for the 1.5" clamp at 70F.

*All configurations are pressure tested for 24 hours before shipment using nitrogen at 100PSI.  Although many of the components of the EVO Mini are rated to withstand well above 100PSI during extraction we do not recommend pressurizing any system past 100PSI. During normal operation of the EVO Mini pressures typically don't exceed 50PSI*


Explorer Elite
  • Single Pin Clamps
  • High-Pressure Clamps



Unit Includes:

  • Injection manifold complete with a compound gauge, 1/4" butterfly valve, and a 1/4" MJIC Connection.
  • 1.5"x12" 90 gram material column.
  • 1.5"x6" adsorbent filtration column with 30g gram media capacity.
  • Adsorbent filtration filter stack including 5 micron and 1 micron sintered disks.
  • 4" collection base with splatter platter & short sight glass complete with a compound gauge, and a 1/4" butterfly valve with a 1/4" MJIC Connection.
  • 4"x8" Sleeved EVO Recovery tank with compound gauge, polycarbonate sight glass, and a 1/4" butterfly valve, and a 1/4" MJIC Connection.
  • (1) 1/4" 48" FJIC Stainless Steel Injection hose 
  • (1) 1/4" 24" FJIC Stainless Steel Recovery Hose


  • 1.5"x 12" 304 Stainless Steel Material Column- 90 gram capacity
  • 316 Stainless Steel Fully Encapsulated Miniature Ball Valves
  • System Rated to 150PSI
  • Multiple 37-degree FJIC port connections
  • 304 Stainless  collection base
  • Tri-Clamps at all interfaces make for a high pressure/standard pressure, easy-clean unit
  • BUNA-N Gaskets are designed for Oil Processing Temp range -40-200F, and have superior solvent resistance
  • Construction: All components are made of 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Max Vacuum -29.9inHg
  • High Polish Interior


    *Note: Column capacity may vary depending on the density of packed material and packing density. Capacity is calculated using the industry standard of 4.2g/in3. This is the upper limit for column capacity. Low density, uncut, and/or lightly packed material can reduce capacity by 50%. For best results, we recommend to tightly pack coarse ground material.



    EVO Mini Closed Loop Extractor

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