Conical Flask


Conical Erlenmeyer Flask

Disclaimer: Flasks may not be perfectly flat on the bottom and may have minor surface imperfections.

Bring efficiency and convenience to any experiment with the Glass Conical Flask. These conical flasks perform a wide variety of functions and are commonly used in laboratory settings. Conical flasks can capture, store, and measure material when used with a Buchner funnel or glass funnel. But that’s not all. This flask can also mix, boil, and heat chemicals, thanks to its uniform, thick walls, unique design, and stopper for heating. Our conical flasks are flat bottomed and come with ground 24/40 joint, and if used in a vacuum application, requires vacuum grease to help create an airtight vacuum seal during the process. Additionally, the Glass Conical Flasks are thermal shock resistant and chemical resistant. Its tapered sides and narrow neck allows for easy swirling and stirring of an experiment.

Key Features:

  • Chemical resistant and thermal shock resistant
  • Reliable, durable wall thickness 
  • Cylindrical neck for easy swirling and stirring
  • Reduces evaporation of liquid compared to beakers 
  • Tri-clamp fitting ends for convenience
  • Builds process lines without the need for on-site welding fabrication
  • Can be easily moved, dissembled, or resembled
  • Versatile and cost-effective

Sizes Available:

  • 250ml - 24/40 Ground Joint
  • 250ml - 24/40 Ground Joint
  • 500ml - 24/40 Ground Joint
  • 1000ml - 24/40 Ground Joint
  • 2000ml - 24/40 Ground Joint
  • 3000ml - 24/40 Ground Joint


    *Notice to customers: All units are inspected for broken glassware or parts before leaving BVV™. If the unit arrives damaged (this does not include minor imperfections or scuffs in glassware), the customer MUST contact BVV™ within 72 hours from carrier delivery to file a claim. If the customer DOES NOT contact BVV™ within 72 hours from carrier delivery, then BVV™ cannot issue any replacement(s) or compensation for the item; a new purchase will need to be made for a replacement. 

    **Glassware Safety Disclaimer: BVV™ is not responsible for failure of glassware which must be inspected before and after every use because it may eventually develop imperfections or damage through normal usage, mishandling, and stress caused by temperature variations. If an imperfection or damage is noted while inspecting the glassware DO NOT use the glassware because it can fail causing bodily harm or damage to the surrounding area.**

    Conical Flask

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