Char Coir 100% RHP Certified Coco Coir, 50 L


Char Coir loose coco coir is a professional grade growing medium made from 100% coconut fiber.  Char Coir brand coco coir has received RHP certification from Holland. This assures our customers that it is made using the highest standards in the industry. 

  • 100% RHP certified coco coir
  • Buffered
  • EC less than 0.6
  • Triple washed to remove salts
  • pH stabilized at 6%-6.5%
  • High cation exchange capacity 
  • RHP certified for horticulture 
  • 50 liter / 1.75 cu ft

Char Coir 100% RHP Certified Coco Coir, 50 L

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