Cellulose Filter Paper 100 Micron - 5 Pack


Cellulose Filter Paper 100 Micron - 5 Pack

This filter paper is 100% synthetic cellulose (polyester plastic) and has no binders or adhesives. This material is very strong and considered un-rippable, but can easily be cut with a pair of scissors and this is the most durable filter paper we sell for larger diameter filtration applications. Polyester is recommended for use with Butane, Ethanol, Alcohol, Hexane, Pentane, and most hydrocarbons.

Material 100% Synthetic Cellulose (Polyester Plastic)
Temp Range -100F to 300F (-70C to 150C)
Thickness: 100 Micron - 0.011"
50 Micron - 0.020"
QTY per Pack 5
Sizes Available: 6"

Cellulose Filter Paper 100 Micron - 5 Pack

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